The Hustler Bale feeding system simplifies feeding stock with ring feeders, hay rings or hay racks. This improves the palatability of feed, and allows the correct amount to be fed to each herd.






The Hustler Bale feeding system simplifies feeding stock with ring feeders, hay rings or hay racks.

  • This improves the palatability of feed, and allows the correct amount to be fed to each herd. 
  • A whole new dimension of versatility is achieved because Hustler feeders can be mounted to front loaders or telescopic loaders,
  • It minimises feed waste, and its unique teasing action ensures that feed is palatable and easily chewed for maximum goodness

Instead of putting out 6 bales into 6 ring feeders, you can unroll 1 bale into all 6 ring feeders in a fraction of the time.


  • Mount to a high lifting Telehandler, tractor with front end loader or a Skidsteer loader. This creates a whole new dimension of versatility
  • Round or square bales of balage, silage, hay or straw are teased apart making it more palatable for livestock, resulting in less wastage.
  • Will cater for virtually any type or shape hay-ring.
  • Simple, low maintenance hydraulically driven design eliminates downtime, and is easy to use.
  • Super compact machine, easy to manoeuvre in tight surroundings. 

Did you know?

You can also feed into a TMR feeder or Mixer wagon. This breaks apart the bale reducing the time that it takes for a mixer wagon or TMR feeder to grind up an entire bale. This leads to savings in time, diesel consumed and maintenance costs. 

What our customers have to say:

“It just made my life a lot easier.”

Adam Grabenstein, Eustis, South Western Nebraska (United States) - Chainless X2500/LX105
Ashley Rowe_Ardrossan_Ashley Rowe 1_Mar 18

“Hustler allowed me to feed out more efficiently and save on feeding costs”

Ashley Rowe, Ardrossan (South Australia) - Unrolla SL360X/LX105

“Now, feeding can happen in 10 minutes.  Our waste is not even measurable at this point! One person can now do the job that used to take at least two people”. 

Brian O'Connor, Ohio (USA) - Chainless X2500/LX105

“I would recommend Hustler for anyone wanting reliability, ease of handling, saving time which saves money “

Brian Attwood, Ruatangata (New Zealand) - Chainless X2000/LM104
David cotton

“Tracey sent me off to town to buy a Hustler and now I regret not buying one years ago!”

David & Tracey Cotton, Wanganui (New Zealand) - SL350/LX105
Mark Mawhood

“When you run it out in a line, the cattle are able to access it. The shy feeders can get right up and get a feed, and we’re also noticing the calves getting in and feeding on the silage as well.”

Mark Mawhood, Oberon (Australia) - Chainless X2400/LX104

“I would highly recommend Hustler to anyone, the build is very strong”

Martin Jones, Waipapa (New Zealand) - Chainless X2000/LM104
Masterrind 2

“This machine is perfect for us. It allows us to work in small, low stables”

Masterrind (Germany) – Unrolla SL360X/LX105

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