Europe’s Most Efficient Livestock Feeding Solutions.

Farmers in Netherland are turning to Hustler’s feed out equipment, because feeding round or square bales of silage, hay or straw has never been faster or easier without breaking your back.  Hustler builds the lowest hassle feeding systems on the market, which also happens to be more versatile and efficient with both your time and feed.

Why? So you can effortlessly get more done everyday.

Hands-free Patented Snaplox System

You deserve a quicker and easier way.
Snaplox auto connect/disconnect hands-free loading system, allows for front loader mounting as standard without the need of manual rope, hydraulics and electric functions. Simple, easy to use with low maintenance required, saving you time and hassle.


World’s Toughest Unrolla Bale Feeder.

Unrolla’s toughest chains, bars, chassis, and headstock compliments it’s other features of front and rear end feeding, auto-connect system, plus much more making the Unrolla the toughest, simplest and most versatile round chain bale feeding solution on the market today. All backed up with our 4 year warranty.


About Hustler Equipment

Hustler Equipment is a family-owned company based in New Zealand and has been designing and building farm equipment since 1961. Our equipment is now sold pretty much everywhere in the world!

We listen, we observe, and we challenge the status quo to develop products that meet the evolving needs of agriculture. Industry-leading technology ensures meticulous manufacturing standards.

All new Hustler products undergo a grueling test programme, When they survive we stand behind them with our two-year warranty and our global dealer network.

Our Product Range

Mounted Chainless Bale Feeders




CHAINLESS LX104 shadows RGB web


Chainless mounted square & round bale processor feeds every type of square or round bale and has been proven on more bale types than any other bale feeder and it minimises feed waste. 

Key Features

  1. New Curved Platform: Market tested for the stickiest of alfalfa bales, the polyethylene platform is slippery and the new shape helps to break apart flakes better.
  2. Optional Extension: Optional platform extension available for 8’ long square bales.
  3.  Snaplox Auto Connect/Disconnect Latching System: hands-free and there is no rope to tug on to disconnect the feeding cradle from the headstock. Simply lower the platform and drive away.
  4. Strongest Drive System: The new Drive Dog system utilises two heavy-duty bearings instead of bushes, which lasts longer can provides more rigidity.
  5.  New Style Drop Down Wiper Panel: For easy clean. Easily remove jammed net wrap or twine.
  6. Built Tougher: The new model is rated to handle 1,250kg bales with ease.
  7. Proven Rotor Design: Same new helix drums and Hypaflo wiper panel which have been well-proven on more than 110 different bale types.
  8. Bolted Hitch Mounts: Gives you more flexibility, replace them with skid-loader brackets for front mounted loader flexibility, reach and visibility.
  9. Optional Enclosed Chamber: Optional rear fence reduces the chance of hay falling out.

Mounted Unrolla Bale Feeders




Unrolla LX105 shadows RGB Features 1





If you’re looking for the simplest, and quickest single tractor round bale feeder, then Hustler’s Unrolla range of chain type bale feeders are the perfect solution. 

Key Features

  1. Dual Side Feed: Feed bales out to the left or right with precise control of the rate of feed.
  2. Low Maintenance Bearings: Proven, greasable, self-aligning bearings with trash shields that will easily outlast any type of bush system.
  3. Toughest chain: Zinc-plated 12,000 lb chains with heavy duty rollers and pins make our chain drive system almost twice as strong as others. 
  4. Bale Chamber:  It is steeper and deeper for feeding out a larger variety of bales and preventing roll out on steep terrain. Increased front and rear bale chamber enclosure reduces feed falling out. 
  5. Floor: Fully enclosed floor design extends over the drive shafts, protecting them from wrapping, and eliminates wastage by preventing feed from falling out. 
  6. Covered Drive Shafts: The covers keep the bearings clean and ensure longer bearing life, reducing maintenance and downtime.
  7. Teeth: Our unique, extra-strong 5 cm shark teeth are designed to prevent feed being dragged under the feeder by releasing it at precisely the right moment. 
  8. Connect Either End:  Connect or load bale from either end of the cradle while allowing operators to switch the direction of the bale being unrolled without unloading the bale.
  9. Snaplox Auto-Latch System: The clever Snaplox auto-latch system saves you the time and hassle of opening the tractor’s back window and tugging a rope to unlatch the cradle. 

Mounted Hurricane Bale Feeder & Bedder









Unrolla LX105 shadows RGB Features Recovered 3





Unique 2-in-1 Hurricane is the only machine that can feed and spread both round and square bales! The patented 100% hydraulic-powered design is gentle on both feed and bedding straw reducing feed waste and jamming, maximizing bedding life, minimizing dust and projectiles, and can be operated on telehandlers, loaders, and tractors 3 point linkage. 

  1. Higher spreader discharge: For more spreading versatility and lower operational centre of gravity for improved safety, allows for wider use when on tractors.
  2. Optional Platform for square bales: The design of the machine is intended to be modular, in order to adapt to all types of needs. If you need to distribute square bales, a platform is available. Easily removable, you can switch from round bale distribution to square bale distribution in just a few minutes.
  3. Coupling System: Low speed drive coupling reduces vibrations and maintenances. 
  4. Low-Dust Emission and Safe Design:  Thanks to the spreader paddles design, the Hurricane spreads the straw up to 7-11 meters (23-36 feet) without chopping, reducing the risk of dust inhalation which can be a serious threat to your stock and creates unnecessary mess in your barn. This feature also gives your straw a longer life, effectively saving you time and money. The adjustable flail design is safer for livestock when bedding pens with animals in.
  5. Tooless Switching Between Feeding and Bedding: Unique folding spreader allows for switching between feeding and spreading in less than 10 seconds without the need for any tools.
  6. Snaplox Auto connect/disconnect floating system: Operates hands-free and there is no rope to tug on to disconnect the feeding/bedding cradle from the headstock.
  7. Compact Design: Compact design allows for use in smaller barns and restricted areas.
  8. Belt System: Innovative new belt drive system, provides higher torque delivery, improved spreading ability and reduces spike loads on drive system resulting in longer life, and less maintenance.

Softhands Bale Handlers






LX200 RGB features Clearcut




Field-tested to handle bales over two tonnes, the Hustler Softhands® are the favorite choice. The bigger, taller hands allow you to move twice the number of bales in almost half the time it takes with smaller models.

Key Features

  1. Huge 38mm Pins: Largest in the industry, with beefed-up pivots and greasable, replaceable bushes.
  2. Equaliser Bar: Factory fitted Equaliser® as standard which keeps hands moving simultaneously for precision bale control and operator safety.
  3. Larger Hands: Largest hands on the market allow operators to clamp two bales at once, reducing the time it takes to unload/load trucks. Also handles up to 2 tonnes.
  4. New Contoured Shape: Integrated, contoured nudge bars eliminate any bale tearing or ripping and support the bale better when driving across rough terrain.
  5. Heavy Duty Construction: The toughest bale handler on the market, the LX200 has proven itself time and time again with the largest of contractors.
  6. Slim Hands: The slim hand design reduces chance of damage to adjacent bales and allows bales to be stacked closer.
  7. Even Clamping Pressure: The contoured design provides even clamping pressure on the bale eliminating pressure points and overstretched wrap
  8. Three-Position Adjustable Hands: The easy-to-adjust three-position hand design allows the LX200 to get the perfect grip on both round or square bales and operators can customize the position for different bale sizes.


Combi CM Feedout Wagons







COMBI Features 116

The Combi Feeder range is able to feed all types, shapes and sizes bales including straw, hay and baled silage, fine chop silage, maize silage, root crops and literally any type of feed you can lay your hands on. The unique elevator design delivers feed out of the side of the machine allowing you to feed into troughs, feed-pads, bunks or open pasture without spillage. 

Key Features

  1. Joystick control: Comes standard with full control over each floor for more versatility when feeding bales or chopped feeds 
  2. Versatility: Reliably feed out any type, shape and size without jamming, or plugging up.
  3. Reduce Maintenance: Gearbox drives the cross floor and rear floor reduce maintenance and downtime and provide more power to shift even heavier loads.
  4. Elevator Design: Feedpad elevator design now comes as standard equipment to eliminate feed dropping between the cross floor and elevator.
  5. Massive Reduction: Massive reduction in working parts, and components and the introduction of bearings to replace bushings, can slash your daily start ups times.
  6. Maneuverability: The compact design and improved draw bar improves maneuverability making life easier for operators in tight lanes and gateways.
  7. Ground Clearance: Industry leading ground clearance.
  8. Scale ready: Hustler’s new Feedlink Bluetooth scale system enables for more control over proof-of-placement and feed management.
  9. Tough: Toughest chains and bars on the market, we’ve gone to 12,000lb roller chain on all floors instead of link chain for improved reliability and less maintenance.

Pasture Mounted Boom Sprayers



Sprayer clearcut with features1





With the industry’s best warranty, unique best in class agitation and mixing, toughest design on the market, user-friendly low profile tanks, installation and training – with a Hustler boom sprayer, you’re covered.

Key Features

  1. MixMax Agitation System: MixMax™ Agitation System saves you from stripey paddocks. Hustler used the latest CAD flow simulation technology to create the perfect mix of fluid throughout the tank without dead spots
  2. VIZIGAUGE™: Our unique ViziGauge is visible from 120 degrees, so whether in your tractor seat or on the ground you can easily see your tank level and how much fluid you have left.
  3. CoupleUp FIlling System: Filling’s a snap! Fill as you normally would through the lid or with our unique CoupleUp™ 2” tank filling system. 
  4. Larger Pumps: A larger than normal pump, to ensure your sprayer is future-proofed. Standard with 110l/min Comet diaphragm pumps for longer service intervals and the ability to handing liquid fertilizers. Any fluid is only in contact with either plastic or stainless-steel parts which eliminates any chance of corrosion.
  5. Built-in-Skidplate: A tough built-in SkidPlate™ protects the vital parts – including the pump, tank, filters and drain – from damage, should you misjudge a hump or hollow.
  6. Deep sump: You can spray on steep terrain without sucking air or leaving missed patches, and you’ll empty the entire tank, even when operating on the steepest of terrain.

What our customers say

Combi CM136

“Everything we got from Hustler is well built and simple and we won’t have to replace it for a very long time”

Adam Atkinson, South Devon (United Kingdom) – Combi CM136

Chainless TX205

“We bought it to save time. But in the grand scheme of things it has improved the quality of life for the horses.”

Scott Simmons, Ontario (Canada), Chainless X2400

Chainless TX205

“This actually breaks the bale apart and basically lays it back down as if it was a windrow before it was baled”

James Doran, Flemingsburg, Kentucky (United States) – Chainless TX205

Unrolla SL360X/LX105

“The best feature on the Hustler is the time saving”

David George, Armagh (North Ireland) – Unrolla SL360X/LX105

Chainless LX104

“I don’t know what the parts system with Hustler is like, because I never had to use it. That’s what I like.”

Gerard Coll, Timaru (New Zealand) – Chainless LX104

Field Consultants

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100% Customer Satisfaction

We are so confident about our products that we guarantee 100% satisfaction – that’s our commitment to you, we will see you right.

That’s why all Hustler products worldwide carry a full 2-year warranty. 

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