Finden Sie heraus was Hustler Kunden aus der ganzen Welt über unsere Produkte sagen. 

Paul Besnier, Retiers (France) – SL300X/Unrolla LM105

“I save about 45 minutes to 1 hour a day with my Hustler bale feeder.”

Rebaler in Maryland (USA)

“Now that I use a Hustler Chainless Rebaler, I cannot tell the difference between my field baled squares and my rebaled squares! The Hustler is just SO GENTLE with the hay!"

Chad Cifreo, Louisianna (USA) – XR1500

“I can now produce 20-22 small square bales in about 4-5 minutes using my new Hustler XR1500. I no longer have to dodge the weather patterns because I have it all set up indoors and I can do it all on my own."

Shane Dunlea, Kaikoura NZ – Softhands LX200

“They are easy to use and have a good grip. They are very versatile and can be useful for more than one thing.”

Peter Russell, Lyndhurst (Australia) – Chainless X5000

Peter is cutting down on feed waste by 30% with his Chainless X5000

Awanui Station, Hawkes Bay – Combi CM106

Awanui Station has been pioneering growing fodder beet in New Zealand for their cattle in the 1990s. See why they rely on their Hustler Combi CM106 for feeding.

Bill Garland, Maungatautari, NZ – Chainless 2000

Bill and his son farm 430 hectares on the western slopes of Maungatautari, located halfway between Te Awamutu and Cambridge. Here Bill runs an operation of about 2000 ewes, 400 odd cattle, along with hogget lambs.

Can You Afford Down Time During Your Peak Season?

Mark Muller a Taranaki based Dairy Farmer, added the patented Comby Spread Causmag applicator to his new Silage Wagon for this exact reason

New Causmag Spreading Attachment for Chainless X5000

How to overcome Grass Tetany, Grass Staggers or Winter Tetany in Cattle or Sheep. Hustler's new Causmag applicator lets you apply magnesium and hay in one pass

Ian Dickson in (Milawa), Australia – Chainless X5000

Like much of eastern Australia, Milawa is currently in drought. Ian’s two Hustler X5000 bale feeders have shaved thousands of hours off his feeding operations and made the process safer and more streamlined.

Marike Ostebuhr, Strackholt (Germany) – SL360X

Marike was rapt as the Hustler Bale feeder was not only easy to use on her operation but also saved hay wastage, being able to feed out the maize and silage in an even row for her cattle with ease. Solving her challenges and giving her more freedom to do what

Bill Fales, Carbondale (USA) – Chainless X5000

“The Hustler has just been a great machine for me”

Paul Menzies, Neerim (Australia) – SL300X

With a full-time job in the city, Paul Menzies needed an option that would allow him to get his cattle fed quickly and efficiently at the end of each working day. The Hustler SL300X provided the perfect solution.

Karl Schaberreiter, Strallegg (Austria) – SL360X

Karl Schaberreiter runs a small 11-hectare dairy farm with around 20 cows in Strallegg, Austria. Straining themselves and having a lot of downtime due to this, they needed a better solution. That’s why they decided to purchase a Hustler SL360X Bale Feeder

Tim Merhtens, (South Canterbury) New Zealand – Katipo 1150

The Katipo sprayer has been a time saver for Tim on the farm. Being so easy to install onto a tractor with loads of room to connect the PTO & linkage arms, hooking up is a breeze. The fully hydraulic SonicBoom is the ultimate for productivity!

Phil Herdman (New Zealand) – Katipo 1150

Phil Herdman and his SonicBoom: "lets you get in and out of paddocks quicker without needing to leave the comfort of the tractor seat. More benefits the Katipo 1150 includes is the standard 100L QuickFlush tank which simplifies cleanup."

Tom Wilson (Australia) – Mega Comby XL

Tom Wilson manages Salt Creek Merino Stud, which currently has 18,000 lambs on his farm. Having previously needed 2 feed out wagons to keep them all fed, find out how he cut up to 21 km's a day off their feeding routine.

Masterrind (Germany) – SL360X

Masterrind is arguably one of the most reputable cattle breeder and exporter in Europe, exporting 35,000 Holsteins to EU countries, Russia, Africa and Asia and employs more than 600 staff. We meet with z.H. Jörn Lohmüller to find out how their SL360X round bal

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