From innovative bale cutters to sturdy manure scrapers, versatile new livestock and pasture care products have joined the Hustler family to help you achieve more everyday and meet more of your farm’s needs.


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We have a very limited selection of attachments available at introductory prices. Grab a bargain! First in, first served.

LiftMax LE110 bale forksWas $2,499 | Now $1,600 + GST

GrabMax LM160 silage grabsWas $5,590 | Now $4,590 + GST

GrabMax LX200 silage grabsWas $6,990 | Now $4,990 + GST

ScoopMax LM180 bucket grabsWas $6,990 | Now $5,390 + GST

All attachments above are available with Euro hitch only.

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ShearPlus Shear Grabs

The Hustler ShearPlus, shear grab is a 3in1 dream machine. It’s designed as a bale slicer, shear grab and scoop bucket all in one machine

3 Reasons to Choose ShearPlus
  • Save time – Fewer attachment changes required when loading a variety of products, saving time all round.

  • Reduce spillage – Quickly adding, with a lower bucket helps reduce spillage and waste of loose or fine feeds.

  • Versatility – Cut bales, remove wrap, scoop loose feeds, load and face the silage pit/clamp, all with one attachment!

BaleSlice Bale Cutters

Achieve More Everyday by speeding up your feeding operation with the strength of a durable design. Quickly load your feedout or mixer wagon without leaving the cab.

3 Reasons to Choose BaleSlice
  • Save time – Only one operator can easily grip and slice the bale while depositing the plastic to save time, money and labour for your operation, increasing your bottom line!
  • Unwrap from the cab – Those wet winter days can be spent from the comfort of your cab – remove the wrap and slice the bale all from your tractor seat!
  • Cleaner wrap removal – A secure and positive 4-hook wrap removal system will keep the smelly wrap from the tractor cab or air conditioning.

Regener8r Chain Harrows

The Hustler Regener8r Chain Harrows will improve your pasture productivity. The 4 row chain harrow promises consistent and thorough pasture harrowing / aeration, levelling and manure spreading! Also can be used for covering seed, bait and cultivation finishing.

4 Reasons to Choose Regener8r
  • Revilitize Pastures – Chain Harrowing your pasture promotes new grass growth by removing old thatch & moss, increasing air movement and water filtration and giving shoots the access to Vitamin D from the sun they need to thrive.
  • Improve manure uptake – The ReGener8r’s 4 rows of Chains means extra aggression on old dried out piles of manure.
  • Lower fertiliser cost – The spreading and breaking up of Natural Fertiliser from your livestock results in effective use of natural fertilizers by working it into the soil and spreading it out to prevent clumping.

SwiftBlade Manure Scrapers

Clean up the muck and manure on your feedpad or dairy shed in minutes, without breaking your back with our simple, practical SwiftBlade.

4 Reasons to Choose SwiftBlade
  • Save time – Our 40mm Highly Abrasion resistant SBR Rubber blade makes light work of scraping out feedpads or dariy sheds.
  • Clean environment for herd – In one thorough pass, the Hustler SwiftBlade makes it quick and easy to maintain a clean healthy environment for your herd increasing herd health and production!
  • Maximize manure value – By sweeping up manure quickly and easily you can unlock the fertilizer value of your manure. 
  • Simple and hassle free – The parking feet which come standard allow for fast and easy hooking and unhooking and prevents damage to the blade when not in use.
Brenton Hore

“You can fold up and then just drive straight into the paddock. They’re efficient and easy to use.”

Brenton Hore, Wymah (Australia) - Regener8r LM630 chain harrows


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