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Feed wastage by other feeders can be caused by various factors:

  1. The nutritional leaf being pulverized and blown away in the wind. The leaf retains up to 80% of the nutrition in each bale.
  2. Feed being chopped too fine and being lost into the ground, mud or snow where cattle cannot consume it.
  3. The bale is not teased apart enough making it harder for stock to eat.
  4. Animals laying or trampling on fodder.
  5. Unfinished bales inside ring feeders due to poor ground conditions, not allowing animals to reach the leftover bale.
  6. Stock rejecting feed because of dirt, mud or other contaminants.
  7. Spoiling of fodder caused by overfeeding or free-choice feeding.

Savings can be made by feeding the right amount of the bale, teased apart to the right amount and retaining the rest for the next feed. By feeding over a larger area compared to other feeders, there is less competition between the animals.

Typical savings achieved by using a Hustler Chainless bale feeder are between 15-40%, depending on your existing feeding system (chain feeders typically save 10-35%).

Hustler Chainless LX104 bale feeder

Hustler Has More Benefits For You.

Whilst hay quality savings is the biggest benefit that Hustler’s unique Bale Feeding system provides compared to the traditional bale processor, there are also many other benefits: 

              • Reduced diesel consumption

              • Reduction in maintenance and downtime

              • The integrity of the seed in the bale are maintained and germinate establishing new pasture

              • No dust to clog air filters on your tractor, stick to your grease points or get in the eyes of your cattle 

              • Mold is separated from the bale without mixing it in the windrow.

              • Bales are simply teased apart without chopping, grinding, or shredding, which makes them more palatable and your cattle and the nutritional goodness in each bale is not destroyed

              • Windrow size is infinitely variable allowing you to customize the size based on your herds needs. 

              • And much more… 

What our customers say

“It’s put together with pride and care, and that’s really hard to find these days”

James Doran, Flemingsburg, Kentucky (United States) - Chainless TX205

“It’s designed for farmers, it’s designed for efficiency. The loading system is just second to none, it’s so quick.”

Joseph Laming, Oamaru, Otago (New Zealand) - Chainless TX205

“The animals are actually eating the hay and getting the maximum amount of nutrition”

David Karsin, Portage La Prairie (Canada) - Chainless LX105

“We bought it to save time. But in the grand scheme of things it has improved the quality of life for the horses.”

Scott Simmons, Ontario (Canada) - Chainless X2400/LX104


*Our hay saving guarantee is subject to a FREE hay feeding consultation, with one of Hustler’s field consultants. To apply for the hay feeding consultation, simply enter your details in the form, and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.

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James talks about how he and his wife took over his family Angus operation after a number of years working on Wall Street, and how it’s sometimes hard, but the opportunity to walk around the farm and be in nature gives him the chance to decompress. He has some strong opinions about the big four packers, and about feedlot cattle raising in general, but also thinks that the ‘fake meat’ creators aren’t addressing how they’re replenishing the soil. He’s a proud user of Hustler Equipment as well, and talks about some of his favorite product features and benefits.

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