Canterbury Farm Machinery

Hustler Equipment has been supplying Canterbury farmers with machinery and equipment since 1961.

From quality bale feeders and feedout wagons to boom sprayers.

Contact our Canterbury field consultant, Nigel Holt today on 021 406 599

Farm machinery available in Canterbury

From humble roots, Hustler Equipment has become one of the best global suppliers of innovative farm machinery. We design and build world-class equipment designed to save farmers time and money, and we’re also one of the most trusted suppliers of farm machinery in Canterbury NZ. Read More

Canterbury NZ’s Most Trusted Farm Machinery Supplier

Our equipment was designed by farmers, for farmers, and provides ingenious new ways to feed cattle, move bales, spray crops, and much more. Farmers across New Zealand are turning to Hustler Equipment to save time during daily farming operations, and to save on feed wastage.

A Huge Range of Farm Machinery

We are extremely proud of our excellent customer service, but our products are what truly set us apart. Thanks to the versatility of the products we sell, the durability of each piece of equipment, and the benefits they offer, we can safely say that we help farmers do their job better every day.

Hustler Equipment offers a range of combi feeders, silage wagons, chainless rebalers, mounted and trailed bale unrollers, boom sprays, bale handlers, grain bins, and so much more. We even have our own range of super durable tip trailers, helping you maximise output and minimise resource wastage (whether that’s time, or product!).

If you’re looking for farm equipment in Canterbury, you’ve found your supplier.

Book a Demo Today

We want the whole world to know just how innovative our range of machinery is, which is why we’re happy to book a time for you to see our equipment in action! Whether it’s for a bale feeder that minimises feed waste, or Soft Hands bale handlers designed to reduce deformation, you can easily book a demo today.

Click the “Book a Demo” button right here on our site and enter your details in the relevant fields. Let us know your location, our name, a little about your operation, and if you have any specific questions. Then, we’ll be back in touch as soon as possible to arrange a time for you to see our products in action. It’s as simple as that!

Find a Dealer Online

We’ve made it super easy for you to find your nearest Hustler Equipment dealer. Head to the “Find a Dealer” page on our website, and enter your email address and your street address. You’ll be connected with the best dealers in your area, and the map feature will make it even easier to see where they’re located.

Find a farm machinery dealer near you. Some of our popular locations include Tasmania, WA and other locations across Australia.

The Best Support Team

Need help finding the right farm machinery in Canterbury? We have a team of experts available to answer any questions you might have and help you find the piece of machinery that suits your needs best.

Just go to the “contact” page on our site, and you’ll be given the phone numbers and email addresses of every team at every base we have in Australia and New Zealand. The contact details for our head office are also available, should you need it.

Not only that, the messaging feature at the bottom of our page gets you answers in just a few minutes! Click the icon at the bottom of the page and a member of the team will message you back and help you with your query.


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“We’ve had reliability from both our machines, we’re very glad we chose Hustler, during the winter months these machines get a lot of hard work, that machine is built to withstand those conditions”

Bill Davey – Canterbury farmer

What Canterbury farm equipment customers say

ʺIt’s much more than what I originally thoughtʺ

John & Jaron Fraser, Haka Valley (New Zealand) - Katipo/Applic8r 1150

“During the winter months these machines get a lot of hard work, that machine is built to with stand those conditions” 

Bill Davey, Canterbury (New Zealand) - Chainless X5000/TX205

“We look at total cost of ownership when purchasing any machinery. We take into account the storage capacity, the products required to be fed out, the efficiency of feeding out, potential downtime and maintenance costs. In the case of feed out machinery, the M

Tim, Rakaia Island (New Zealand) Mega Comby XL/CX208

“We did a reasonable amount of research and it came down to 3 brands, however the Hustler Chainless system had some good advantages.”

Roadley Farms, Ashburton (New Zealand) - Chainless 4000

“After three feed out seasons and about 2000 bales we’re pleased we changed to the SL-350, as it has been very reliable, an important feature for our one man operation”

Sheep and Beef Farmer, North Canterbury (New Zealand) - SL350

“I Switched to Hustler because it’s simple, reliable and has great back up service”

Tim Merhtens, (South Canterbury) New Zealand - Katipo/Applic8r 1150

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