Chainless X5000 1:32 Scale Model

The World’s First Model Bale Feeder.

We are pleased to introduce the world’s first scale model bale feeder, a 1:32 scale of the world’s best bale feeder, the Chainless X5000.

All the functions work just like the real one…

Watch the video to see it working


Your chance to secure one of a limited number ever produced, on a first in basis, so don’t miss out!

Order in-store at your local accredited Hustler dealer or place your order online today.


Yep that’s right, the 1:32 scale Chainless X5000 works just like the real feeder. It comes with a round and square bale, the rotors turn, the loading system fully functions exactly the same as the real machine, the platform lifts and the jack folds away once you’ve hooked it to the tractor, and it has soft rubber tyres.

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