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Mounted Bale Unroller

Get $400 off a Hustler mounted bale feeder Unrolla LM105 or Unrolla LX105

Easier to use than any other type chain feeders on the market today. Being the most innovative, with 6 unique features you won’t find on any other bale feeder that makes it easier to use, more versatile, and saves your precious time. Recommended for farms feeding 50-800 bales each year, the self-loading 3-point linkage mounted feeder is suitable for feeding out all but the tightest of round bales and baled silage, loose silage, maize, fodder-beet and more.

Trailed Bale Unroller

Get $2,000 off a Hustler trailed bale feeder Unrolla TX205

The Hustler trailed bale feeder is suitable for feeding out the widest variety of round bales, balage, silage, hay or straw. With a unique chassis design protects the vital components, patented Total Control self-loading system and the toughest chain/floor set up on the market. Designed for medium to large operations feeding out thousands of bales each year, The Trailed Bale Unrollers have covered driveshafts to eliminate wrapping and a stronger rear loading system design that is built extremely tough to go the distance.


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