Chez Hustler, nous nous efforcons de fournir à nos clients un accès rapide à nos équipes et aux documents dont vous avez besoin. Si vous avez besoin d’aide, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter !


Hustler commercialise ses machines grâce à un réseau de concessionnaires présent dans de nombreux pays.

Entrez votre adresse et les concessionnaires les plus proches s’afficheront automatiquement.

Nos consultants


Angus Hewetson

Global Business Development Manager

Nigel Holt

Business Development – New Zealand & Exports

Jordan Cornes

Business Development – Australia

Mike Gibbs

Business Development – UK & Europe

Lola Aubert

Business Development – France

Lance Paskewitz

Business Development Manager – North America

Jordan Symington

Business Development – North America

Russell Seed

Business Development – North America

Debbie Taylor

Sales Support

Arne Currie

Global Customer Care Manager

George Hewetson

Global Customer Care Manager

Gavin Currie

Technical Support

Jacinda Lush

Customer Care and Operations – Australia

Scott Scheepers

Warranty and Technical Support

Bernard Larsen

Customer Care Sales Specialist

Wayne Lush

Dealer Support & Operations Specialist

Après-vente et garantie

When you buy a Hustler, not only do you expect reliability, you also expect the legendary Hustler product support that helps you to keep going when things get tough.

That is why all Hustler products carry a full 5-year warranty. It also has an optional further two years of ‘Extra Care’ warranty (Available at time of purchase).

NZ Support: 06-873-9520

America & Canada Support: 612-351-4885

Australia Support: 1-800-750-4278

Europe Support: 0041-56-241-0037


The Hustler Promise

We respect our brand and reputation so much that we would rather have the machine back than it not work for our customers. Ensuring the machine is the best fit for our clients that If for any reason it’s not working 100% for you, we have 30 days to get it working or we’ll refund your purchase.

We stand behind the claims of what our product does, with a money-back guarantee. By giving our farmers and ranchers peace of mind. There has never been a better time to invest in a Hustler.

Join the Hustler Dealer Network

Become a part of our journey as an Accredited Hustler Dealer, and enjoy the benefits of selling the World’s Most Productive Livestock Feeding Systems.

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Hustler provides a full suite of product brochures, catalogues, advertising templates, photos, videos, manuals, parts diagrams and a country-specific website to assist accredited dealers with marketing Hustler products.

A full marketing support team is on hand to help accredited dealers with a specific material or campaign requirements unique to your regional area.

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