Chainless X2500

This model is now replaced by the Mounted Chainless LX105 Bale Feeder.

The latest model self-loading 3-point-linkage mounted Chainless bale feeder suitable for feeding out all square bales, tight and loose round bales and it maximises feed use.  Ideal for farms feeding 50-1000 bales each year.  This Chainless X2500 is built tougher again, and is rated to handle 1250kg bales with ease. This new model also incorporates the latest technology including the Snaplox Auto Connect/Disconnect latching system.

See it in action


  • SIMPLE AND SAFE DESIGN The innovative Chainless design eliminates feed chains, meaning fewer moving parts. The result is very low maintenance plus simple and safe operation.
  • ROUNDS AND SQUARES The true square and round balefeeder range found on the New Zealand market today, the Chainless range allows you to feed out virtually any bale you have on hand with ease.
  • THE FEED SAVINGS Our Chainless feeders use your feed efficiently; you can infinitely vary the amount of feed flowing over the side by adjusting the speed of either the feed rotors or the tractor speed. Thin for sheep, thick for your dairy heard – no problem with Chainless! Tight core, sloppy balage – no problem with Chainless! The infinitely adjustable bale chamber let you choose the bale pressure on demand from the cab
  • NO HASSLE ROTORS Designed to tease the bale out rather than simply unroll it, our rotors are self-cleaning, eliminating feed wrapping.
  • LONG LIFE FEEDBED Our polyethylene feedbed is slippery to reduce bale friction when feeding out and it’s also non-corroding, extremely tough and has been proven on 1000′s of farms worldwide.


  • Bale sizes round: 4’ X 4’ – 6’ X 4’
  • Bale sizes square: all sizes up to 8’ long
  • Bale weight: up to 1250kg
  • Unit weight: …….kg
  • Hydraulics required: 2 X double-acting, 30-60 litres/min, 2250-3000 psi
  • Capacity: 1x Bale (round or Square)
  • Tynes: 2x High tensile
  • 3 ptl mount:  CAT 1 & CAT 2
  • Size (L x W x H): ……………..


New Curved Platform

Tested on the market for the stickiest of Alfalfa bales, the Polyethylene bed is slippery and the new shape helps to break apart the biscuits better.

Enclosed Chamber

The enclosed front and rear chamber reduces the chance of hay falling out the back or front and reduces waste.

Snaplox Auto Connect/Disconnect Latching System

The patented Snaplox, auto connect/disconnect system operates handsfree and there is no rope to tug on to disconnect the feeding cradle from the headstock. Simply lower the platform and drive away.

New Platform Adjustment

The new adjustable platform provides more flexibility of operation, and easier use on a wider variety of bales.

Bolted Hitch Mounts

Gives you more flexibility, replace them with skid-loader brackets for front mounted loader flexibility, reach and visibility.

Proven Rotor Design

Same new Helix drums and Hypaflow wiper panel, that has been well proven on the Chainless X5000 on more than 110 different types of bales.

Stronger Drive System

The new Drive Dog system utilises two heavy duty bearings instead of bushes, which lasts longer can provides more rigidity.

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