Raven Cruizer 11

This model has been replaced with the Raven CR7 GPS

Affordable guidance made easy with a large colour touchscreen, accurate Glide and Glonass satellite tracking make this unit unbeatable for the farmer that is wanting to make a start with GPS and the payback is very quick. Grab a free demo and try for yourself

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  • Save time and resources avoiding application under and overlaps and increase productivity 
  • Farmers have proven reduction in fertiliser and spray usage by up to 30% by using an accurate guidance system
  • Quick and easy installation and operation and can be transferred between vehicles in less than 5 minutes 
  • Greater flexibility of use – Spreader, sprayer, etc and both day and night operation modes allow you to operate any time of the day and reduce operator fatigue
  • Proof of placement for tracking of operations and completed jobs

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