Silage WagonSF1500

The colours on the SF1500 Silage Wagon have been replaced.

The Toughest 15m3 silage wagon on the market! With a number of innovative features that will save you maintenance and downtime and provides better manoeuvrability.  Designed for farmers who rely solely on silage as the supplementary feed of choice.  Hustler’s silage wagons are built for large farmers and syndicates who simply cannot afford downtime and want to get the most production from their silage.

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  • RELIABILITY – Built with an exceptionally strong Mono-Body design, all steel cross members and a strong heavy duty top rail. The main body and feeder section is fabricated of tough 3mm steel plate producing the highest strength to weight ratio on the market. The heavy duty steel floor is fully welded to withstand any punishment eliminating the need to replace broken or rotten floor boards. The steel floor gives less resistance, reducing the power required to shift the load.
  • LARGEST CONVEYOR DRIVE – By increasing our tapered conveyor roller diameter to nearly double that of other wagons, the belt lasts longer, requires fewer adjustments to get the belt running straight, eliminating derailed belts, and reduces the possibility of slipping belts, saving you costly downtime, maintenance and extends the working life.
  • EASY TO USE – Simple single lever control is all it takes to operate the machine. Elevator, conveyor and main floor with load-sensing hydraulics that takes the guesswork out of feeding silage.
  • CLEAN BODY DESIGN – Fewer ribs in our fully welded side panels reduces friction from the sides of the wagon making it easier to pull the load forward.  And our floor chain and bar design sweeps the floor clean right to the edges.  Our chains run on top of the floor, rather than in a channel which means the chains aren’t exposed to excessive side loads and/or bathing in silage juices.  This extends the life of the chains, and reduces maintenance.  The bars are fully supported, right to the ends, meaning they can’t bend or get caught in the chassis
  • VERSATILITY – The Side Feed model is ideal for trough feeding, feeding under a wire, feeding along a fence line to avoid trampling and general pasture feeding providing more versatility of use. The wide delivery belt to ensures an even unobstructed flow of material to best suit the variety of your silage feeding needs. You can also utilise this silage wagon to transport feed from the field to the stack when harvesting your crop.



Overall length: 7335mm

Overall width: 2780mm

Overall height: 2680mm

Loading height: 2440mm

Tare weight: 3460kg

Capacity: 14.7m3


  • Elevator/Conveyer: 900
  • No. Floor chains:  4
  • Jack type: 80 screw
  • Axles size: 70 x 6
  • Wheels: 400/60R15.5
  • Floor type: Steel


Single Hydraulic Control

The silage wagon only requires one hydraulic remote. Pull the lever to feed, our clever load-sensing hydraulics do the rest for you.

Load Cell Ready

All new comby wagons come weigh-scale ready from the factory, providing you with a future-proofed feeding solution and easy entry into the world’s best silage feeders. The unique design weighs the entire feeder, whether parked or on the tractor.

Largest Drive Roller On The Market

Extends the life of the conveyor belt, reduces drive slippage and downtime, and eliminate tricky adjustments to get the belt tracking straight.

Bumper Boards

Replaceable wooden hunger boards eliminate any damage from operator error when loading.

Steel Floor

With the all steel floor and sides, that lasts the lifetime of the feeder, you’ll never need to worry about a broken board breaking a chain, or rotting out from the exposure to silage juices. And the cleaner design of the single pressed sides reduce friction and load on the drives.


Covered Shafts

Heavy duty drives shafts that are covered, so you never need to worry about wrapping.


HD Axles

The toughest axle design on the market by a country mile, giving total peace of mind, and eliminating any possibility of downtime.

Large Suspension Travel

The oscillation of the tandem axle allows for travelling over the most rugged terrain with ease.

Bumper Bars

Replacable bumpers are positioned at the conveyor, mudguards and drive system the wagon to protect the vital parts of a wagon from interruption your feeding season.

Access Ladder

Rear mounted for health & safety reasons, the rear mounted ladder provides easy access to the main bin.

Auto Releasing Tailgate

Auto Releasing Tailgate

The safety release of the tailgate design eliminates damage from operator error.

Hose Holder

The built-in hose holder, keeps hoses neatly stored out of the dirt when unplugged from the tractor.

Load Sensing Hydraulics

Makes controlling the SF1250 ultra-simple, and are nicely protected from the weather, mud and other contaminants. Another built-in downtime saver.

Safety Chains

Safety Chains

Standard the Silage Wagon comes with safety chains, for added operator safety both on and off the road.

Heavy Duty Jack

Heavy Duty Jack

The tough 80mm screw jack with the largest support area, means the jack supports the machine better whilst loading. The jack is designed strong enough to be used as a quick hitch foot.

Smooth inside walls –

Welded Body

The fully welded body eliminates the need for bolts or rivets which, when subject to vibration or flex, can loosen.

Forged Towing Eye

The approved towing eye offers 360 degree rotation to protect your tractor and can be locked to simplify hooking up with a quick-hitch.

Vagon Alimentador Hustler guardafango


Standard the SF1250 is fitted with heavy duty mudguards with bumper bars to eliminate damage should the operator hit a gate post.

Protected Hoses

Protected Hoses

The hoses on the silage wagons are protected from chaffing, another downtime eliminator.

HD Drives

The simple but heavy duty drives require very minimal maintenance and handle the heaviest of loads. Our chain drive gives the reliability of a gearbox, without the additional cost and parts delay should it get damaged. We’ve also protected the drives with bumper bars.

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