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For farmers handling thousands of bales a year, Compact Soft Hands® is a robust, dependable bale handler designed for use with smaller tractors. They will handle virtually any size of square or round bale and feature Hustler’s unique 3 position adjustable hands. An Equaliser® bar is available if required.

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  • Compact design – The heat-formed main frame of the Compact Soft Hands® bale grab serves many benefits such as unbeatable visibility, the bale is held closer to the tractor, the ram/hoses are fully protected within the mainframe and because of the smooth, contoured design ripping another bale is virtually impossible.
  • Handle square or round bales – One bale grab to shift all your bales! With the 3 position adjustable hands, the grip can be fine-tuned to handle virtually any bale size of rounds or squares.
  • Large pivots, proven design. – Built tough and proven to handle the most rigorous of tests and perform year in and year out.
  • Optional Equaliser® bar – Designed for ultimate control and safer operation. The invention of an Equaliser® allows you to place bales exactly where you need them, not where gravity takes it.
  • 2 year warranty – Hustler’s stamp of quality backed up by more than 200 accredited dealers nationwide.


  • BALE SIZES ROUND: all sizes
  • BALE SIZES SQUARE: will clamp 0.9m to 1.8m
  • MAX OPENING/CLOSING: 2.4m/0.2m
  • BALE WEIGHT: up to 1.0 tonne
  • UNIT WEIGHT: 180kg
  • HYDRAULICS REQUIRED: 1 X double-acting, 12-60 litres/min, 2250-3000 psi


Compact Design

Compact design for great visibility, keeps the weight closer to the tractor and has no sharp edges to catch or tear the balage wrap.

Even Pressure

Even clamping pressure avoids overstretching balage wrap.

Slim Hands

Slim hands make stacking bales close together a breeze.

Square & Round Bales

3 position adjustable hands allows the handling of both square and round bales.

LX200 Softhands large pivots

Large Pivots

Large 32mm pins for longevity.

Protected Ram

The ram is protected inside the mainframe of the Compact Soft Hands® to eliminate any chance of damage.

LX200 Softhands easily slips between bales

Easily Slip Between Bales

The slim rounded arms easily slip between stacked bales without causing damage.

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