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Sehen Sie unsere Futtertechnik in Aktion. Die neueste Hustler Technik wird hier von Landwirten weltweit unter die Lupe genommen. 

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Chainless Explainer Video

Learn about how Hustler's Chainless range of bale feeders simplify feeding cattle

Unrolla Explainer Video

Learn about how Hustler's Unrolla range of bale unrollers simplify feeding cattle

Raw footage of the Hustler new Combi RX178

Raw footage of the Hustler NEW COMBI RX178 laying down a near-perfect, continuous windrow of Maize/Corn silage.

Scott Simmons, Ontario (Canada) – X2500/Chainless LX105

Scott is a horse farmer on 90 acres in Ontario. Watch this video to see how he switched his most hated chore into pleasure and how his dream came to life. As Scott says "we brought it to save hay, but in the grand scheme of things it also improved the quality of life for the horses".

Bryan Tucker, Greytown (New Zealand) – LM100 Softhands®

After several disappointing experiences with other brand bale grabs, Bryan Tucker settles for Hustler Softhands.

Paul Robottom, Pendlehill Station (New Zealand) – Chainless LX104

Paul needs good equipment, that gets the job done efficiently and hassle-free, for which he’s trusted in Hustler equipment to help him achieve more every day over the past 30 years.

Justin Bennett, North Canterbury (New Zealand) – Katipo 1150

Recently our team visited North Canterbury to find out 4 years later how JCB contracting’s Hustler Katipo 1150 Boom Sprayer had held up to some of North Canterbury’s toughest terrain. Running a contracting business and 944ha farm Justin purchased his sprayer back in 2016…

Ben Maile, Tasmania (Australia) – X5000/Chainless TE205

When Ben Maile switched from his old bale feeder to a Hustler Chainless TE205, he noticed a dramatic change in feed efficiency and cut his feed waste by 20%.

David Barban, French Alps (France) – XR1500/Chainless SX105

David Barban farms sheep in the French Alps. During winter, his ewes are housed indoor and David invested in a Hustler stationary Chainless bale feeder SX105 to unwind his bales into feed conveyors, making him able to do the job all by himself quickly and efficiently.

German Family, Strackholt (Germany), SL360X/Unrolla LX105

We’re in Strackholt, Germany visiting a small family run farming business and learn how the nutrition of a 35 cow dairy herd is optimized with the help of a Hustler SL360X (Unrolla LX105).

Adam Grabenstein, Nebraska (United States) – X2500/Chainless LX105

Adam Grabenstein, a 5th generation Rancher and Ag Producer from Eustis, South Western Nebraska had to make some important decisions about the way he was operating his business. We visited Adam and are eager to hear how the Hustler Chainless X2500 helped Adam to work smarter – not harder, when it was time to give priority to his health.

Pat O’Connor, New South Wales (Australia) – Mega Comby

Running a total of 32,000 sheep, Oxton Park in New South Wales, a sheep and grain property is supplementary feeding 50 ton of fine chopped silage each day with a round trip of 7kms per load. We caught up with Pat O’Connor to see why he switched to the Hustler Combi feeder…

Paul Lightoller, Taranaki (New Zealand) – Katipo 1150

“With the Katipo sprayer being 1150 litres, it allows us to fill up once and then having to cover a large area before having to refill.”

Turn your large, round bales into cold, hard cash

Hustler Chainless balefeeders can help process your large, round bales into up to 22 small squares - allowing you to more than double their value.

Peter Russell, Lyndhurst (Australia) – Chainless X5000

Peter found a way to cut down on his feed waste by 30%

Awanui Station, Hawkes Bay – Combi CM106

Awanui Station has been pioneering growing fodder beet in New Zealand for their cattle in the 1990s. See why they rely on their Hustler Combi CM106 for feeding.

Bill Garland, Maungatautari, NZ – Chainless 2000

18-year old Hustler chainless bale feeder is still going strong on New Zealand farm

Ian Dickson, Milawa (Australia) – Chainless TE205

Like much of eastern Australia, Milawa is currently in drought. Ian’s two Hustler X5000 bale feeders have shaved thousands of hours off his feeding operations and made the process safer and more streamlined.

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