Paul Menzies, Neerim (Australia) - SL300X

With a full-time job in the city, Paul Menzies needed an option that would allow him to get his cattle fed quickly and efficiently at the end of each working day. The Hustler SL300X provided the perfect solution.

“This is our first farm,” Paul says. “We’ve been looking to buy a farm for many years now. We purchased it 12 months ago and are just getting set up.”

“Some of the other brands of feeders had spikes on the chains that get the silage wrap caught on them. The Hustler has more of a star-shaped spike on it that doesn’t catch the plastic” Paul says.

“The machine has been faultless since I bought it. It enables me to get two bales of hay and silage fed out in 10-15 minutes. Then I’m back home, next to the fire and having dinner each night. It’s fantastic.”


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