Jess Singh, Waikato (New Zealand) - SL360X

Do you remember Hustler's first ever Farm Trader test? In March 2010 Farm Trader featured on their cover Todd McBreen, a North Canterbury beef farmer fattening cattle destined for Macca's burgers... with Hustler's newly released SL350 bale feeder which he'd ju

I’ve just helped the Hustler team make their balefeeder a little bit better than what it used to be and after trialing it, I found there’s a few good features with it, mainly the ease of attachment, hooking and unhooking is very easy, but above all, probably for me anyway in relation to older feeders, is with this one here, it doesn’t wrap around on bars. Overall, this is a good machine and I’m happy to trial it and I think it should become a popular model for a long time, so good luck to the team anyway! Thank you.


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