Ian Dickson in (Milawa), Australia - Chainless X5000

Like much of eastern Australia, Milawa is currently in drought. Ian’s two Hustler X5000 bale feeders have shaved thousands of hours off his feeding operations and made the process safer and more streamlined.

 “Being a tough autumn, we had to feed out a lot more bales of hay. We fed out approximately 2000 more round rolls for the year with the Hustler machine.”

“Before we bought the Hustler machines, we were just pushing out rolls with the front tyres of our tractor, and before that we just had a single spike machine that used to unroll them singly.”

“Over the course of a whole day’s feeding, that would save us three or four hours carting bales from one place to another.”

“We’ve had no problems,” Ian says. “They’ve been fantastic machines all the way through.”


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