The introduction of the Hustler Combi RX218² with its triple axle configuration revolutionized the feedout wagon market.

Its standout features include remarkably low pulling power requirements and exceptional maneuverability in challenging, boggy conditions. The triple axle delivered a ridiculously smooth and stable ride when compared to conventional tandems, keeping the towing tractor settled even on the most rugged terrain or with the biggest loads.

The RX218’s reduced pulling power needs and enhanced safety features allowed for a significant increase in the feeding capacity to tractor size ratio. This innovation empowered operators to boost their feeding capacity without the necessity of upgrading their tractor. As a result, feeding operations became quicker, safer, and more cost-effective, reducing the cost per kilogram of feed distributed.



Hustler Equipment is continuously innovating, always striving to help farmers and ranchers Achieve More Everyday™.

Building on our significant advancements in feedout wagon efficiency, we’re now showcasing an exciting new concept: the Combi RX218 equipped with the Stryder Track system. This innovation is integrated into our World Record Breaking feed out wagon, pushing the boundaries of performance even further.


Hustler RX218² with tracks in a snowy field

We’re currently seeking expressions of interest for this cutting-edge design.

In fact, we’re so confident in its capabilities that we’re issuing a challenge to potential users: try getting this bad boy bogged! This bold invitation underscores our faith in the Combi RX218’s ability to navigate even the most challenging terrains.

Contact us on the form if this spins your wheels (or tracks) for more information on this weapon of mass feed devouring!

What our customers say about Hustler Combi RX

“The Hustler RX218 has improved our efficiency, probably threefold”

“Definitely recommend Hustler, and especially for us the RX218”

“The best thing about the Combi RX218 is its ease of use”

Mark Oliver, South Australia, Australia – Combi RX218 

“My dad would always say, take care of the grass, the grass will take care of you”

“When we’re putting in eight bales into that wagon, we’re getting approximately 9000 pounds of hay in there”

“It didn’t chop it up into little bitty stems. It made them more in a native state as they came out.”

“We were able to improve our ranch and our daily lives”

Jim Bob Collins, Oregon, United States – Combi RX178

“We’re feeding about 8,000 bales a year, the Combi definitely made it a lot easier, taking the stress out”

“It was a life-changer for us anyway”

“It’s made life bloody easy and the gear under them is pretty beefy”

Marcus Deadman, Taupō, New Zealand – Combi RX218

“If we’re looking at feeding both silage and hay out, the Hustler Combi RX218 was probably the best option for that”

“The main benefit of the Hustler Combi to our operation is efficiency”

Justin Lobb, Victoria, Australia – Combi RX218

“We’ve now six months ago since getting the machine, it’s exceeded our expectations”

“The innovation of the chainless floor has made it less maintenance and wonderful to use”

“I’d totally recommend buying a Hustler machine to anyone”

Ian Cougle, Baw Baw Foothills, Gippsland, Australia – Combi RX218

“The Combi wagon that we have is amazing”

“It’s easy to load, it’s built very strong, it’s very easy to control”

“It takes minimal inputs on the tractor, just two sets of couplers of hydraulics – and you can run everything on it!”

“I can throw anything into this box and it’s going to come out and be fed the way I want it to, in a nice line down the field where the cattle aren’t stomping every bit of it into the mud”

Kent Smith, Missouri, United States – Combi RX148

“We maximise the load quantity or volume whilst minimising trips”

“Hustler has a really good combination of practicality and ease of use”

“The Hustler has got good build quality”

Frank Archer, Landfall Angus, Tasmania, Australia – Combi RX178

“The three axles sprung and get a very, very good comfortable ride, going across a bumpy paddock”

“It’s very well built, very strong. I can see it lasting a long time, and for the bigger operations, I think they’re a must.”

Brian Ginders, North Canterbury, New Zealand – EzFeed SX210

With more than a decade of extensive product development and testing, working on large-scale farms and ranches around the world, the Combi RX² range is ready for whatever you throw its way.