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Turun Konekeskus Oy is a family company specializing in the importation and sale of farm machinery. The product range also includes domestic machinery, tools and spare parts. Turun Konekeskus Oy was founded in 1998, and since 2004, the group also includes the subsidiary Konefarmi Oy. Together these companies offer a wide selection of farm machinery for the needs of every farmer. Our business activity is based on customer orientation, good service and high-quality products. We meet the challenges of the developing agricultural sector by offering more versatile services and expanding our product range from year to year. Reliable delivery makes Turun Konekeskus a trustworthy partner.

Phone: +35 8404 848 192

Email: info@turunkonekeskus.fi

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Landwirte weiltweit entscheiden sich für einen Hustler Equipment Ballenablöser. Die robuste...

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Ob Rund- oder Quaderballen, kleine oder große Ballen, Hustler Ballenzangen mit ihren...

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What our clients have to say


Compact loaders are the all the rave for feeding cattle indoors, especially when coupled with Hustler’s SL360X round bale, balage processor, ask Elmar Stuff why!

Elmar Stuff (Germany) - SL360X

Marike was rapt as the Hustler Bale feeder was not only easy to use on her operation but also saved hay wastage, being able to feed out the maize and silage in an even row for her cattle with ease. Solving her challenges and giving her more freedom to do what

Marike Ostebuhr, Strackholt (Germany) - SL360X
Masterrind 2

Masterrind is arguably one of the most reputable cattle breeder and exporter in Europe, exporting 35,000 Holsteins to EU countries, Russia, Africa and Asia and employs more than 600 staff. We meet with z.H. Jörn Lohmüller to find out how their SL360X round bal

Masterrind (Germany) – SL360X

We visit a farmer located in Fischbach, Austria, to find out how his Hustler SL360X bale unroller has given an enormous work relief on his farm.

Austrian Farmer, Fischbach (Austria) - SL360X
Karl Schaberreiter portrait

Karl Schaberreiter runs a small 11-hectare dairy farm with around 20 cows in Strallegg, Austria. Straining themselves and having a lot of downtime due to this, they needed a better solution. That’s why they decided to purchase a Hustler SL360X Bale Feeder

Karl Schaberreiter, Strallegg (Austria) - SL360X
Foto für Sommersguter – Hustler

Currently one of the largest artificial genetic breeding cooperatives in Austria, Rinderzucht Steiermark is supplying over 5,700 companies. We meet with breeding manager, Reinhard Pfleger to find out how their SL360X round bale unroller is helping in their ope

Rinderzucht Steiermark (Austria) - SL360X

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