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Kirkland UK, Griffins Farm, Pleasure House Lane, Maidstone, ME17 3NW

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Kirkland UK is the newest Hustler Equipment Dealer, and are located in Kent, UK. For over 20 years their aim is to provide our customers with products and services that enable them to keep one step ahead and ‘grow’ in every challenging environment.

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Kirkland UK

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Landwirte weiltweit entscheiden sich für einen Hustler Equipment Ballenablöser. Die robuste...

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Ob Rund- oder Quaderballen, kleine oder große Ballen, Hustler Ballenzangen mit ihren...

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Proven in the field & around the world, Hustler’s Combi feedout wagons are designed for...

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What our clients have to say

Andrew Ferguson

“After running the Hustler for a few months, we decided to go ahead and purchase two more”

Andrew Ferguson (USA) - Chainless X5000
Bill Fales 2

“The Hustler has just been a great machine for me”

Bill Fales, Carbondale (USA) - Chainless X5000

Brian O’Connor from Ohio is the happy owner of one of the very first Chainless X2500’s delivered in the United States and very kindly sent in this video…

Brian O'Connor, Ohio (USA) - Chainless X2500

“I’m Darryl Dostal from Rice Lake, Wisconsin. I enjoy running the Hustler, it handles the hay better than anything I’ve run for products for busting up round bales. I got the Hurricane on this one and it tears it apart, fluffs it, more than I can ask for in an

Darryl Dostal, Rice Lake (USA) - CH2000 Hurricane

As the pasture starts to dry off as we head into summer, we don’t know how dry it will get, but we do know that the sooner we prepare for drought the more chance we have of handling the demand on feed supply…

David Fiske, Virginia Tech, Raphine (USA) - Chainless X5000

“Moving into my mid-sixties, I’m done with wrestling bales of hay, so we got a Hustler for this purpose, which has relieved the physical strain”

Drausin Wulsin, Ohio (USA) - Chainless X5000

“In certain times of the year we’ll use hay rings, we’ll use hay trailers with heavy use areas, so we feed with rings, we feed with hay trailers along with the bale feeder, but a 1000 times over, a 1000 times over this bale feeder is a far way better in my opi

Eric Elsner, University of Georgia (USA) - Chainless 4000
Jeremy Smith, Kentucky, XR1500 (portrait)

Un de nos nombreux clients, Jeremy Smith, fermier dans le Kentucky aux Etats-Unis, utilise la dérouleuse X1500 pour fabriquer ses balles.

Jeremy Smith, Kentucky (USA), XR1500

Field Consultants


Mike Gibbs

Business Development – UK & Europe

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