Hustler invests more into developing Softhands,

so you save money through better bale handling.



Designed with no tear-points so you can handle bales without damaging the bale wrap of both, the bale you’re handling and adjacent bales.


The unique hand shape reduces deformation and inclusion of air pockets in the fermentation process.


Our patented floating equaliser keeps the hands moving simultaneously which makes handling bales safer and easier, whilst giving the operator more control. It also allows the operator to compress bales in either direction without leaving the cab when loading trailers, making for safer loads for all bales, from wrapped silage to dry hay!






Farmer’s Bale Handler LM100

No bale grab handles round bales better 

The latest Soft Hands® developed, tested and manufactured in New Zealand by Hustler Equipment. Built specifically for round bales, operators rave about how nice these bale grabs are to use. The Softhands LM100® round bale handler has an optional patented floating Equaliser® system and carries Hustler’s 5-year warranty for added peace of mind.

Hustler Softhands LM100

Contractor's Bale Handler LX200

The World’s Toughest, Most Versatile Bale Handle

When you simply cannot compromise on bale handling efficiency

Built for the serious contractor or large scale farmer the versatile LX200 Softhands®  bale grab can handle both square and round bales. Oversized 38mm bushed pivots give unbeatable strength and reliability. With the tallest hands on the market, you can safely clamp 2 bales at a time, providing more grip on the bale reducing damage and deformation when compared with conventional bale grabs. Horizontal nudge bars eliminate pinch points and eliminate ripped or damage bales when compared to other bale clamps. Field-tested to handle bales up to two tons.

Hustler Softhands LX200

Watch 60 seconds of Hustler's Equaliser® Bar for Softhands

Patented Equaliser Bars

50mm’s of Hand Float Once Released Proves The Ultimate in Safety, Precision and Control. Slide between bales easier without disturbing or tearing adjacent bales, and without side loading your front loader. 

Perfect for loading/unloading trucks, barns or stacks. Whilst retaining enough power and travel to compress the bales for the tightest loads once stacked. Optional extra on some models. 


Pro tips

Everything you need to know about hay and balage – from cutting to feeding

Each year, billions of acres/hectares of forage crops are harvested for hay around the world. Unfortunately, losses of hay – also including losses of time, labour and money during harvesting, storage and feeding are often high. Many producers probably do not realize how large their losses really are, or that with relatively little effort or expense they could be reduced considerably.

Round bales vs. Large square bales: what shape is the best for your operation?

In some regions, making large square bales is relatively uncommon. In other regions, many farms or ranches work exclusively with square bales. Whether you work with one type of bale or both, let’s analyse the pros and cons of these two shapes.

8 Tips to get started with quality Balage

With balage proving to be such a valuable supplementary feed for the sustainable future of farming and the economic advantages it provides for farmers and ranchers, we’ve put together 8 starter tips to make it even easier to transition from dry hay to balage.  

Which is better? Baling Silage or Putting Silage in a Stack

The two most common ways of making silage is to either bale it or put it in a stack, pit or as they called it in Europe, clamp silage. Let’s take a look at the costs and benefits of each method…

How Should Round Balage Bales or Dry Hay be Stored?

There’s two ways your bales can be stacked for storage until winter feeding, which can have substantial impact on the quality of the forage and storage losses. Read on to discover the pro’s and con’s of each way…

What do our customers have to say about their Softhands?

“They are easy to use and have a good grip. They are very versatile and can be useful for more than one thing.”

Shane Dunlea, Kaikoura NZ - Softhands LX200
paul bevan

“My clients have observed my operation working with these bale grabs and have invested in a set of their own. They’re great!”

Paul Bevan, Kereru (New Zealand) - Mega Softhands

“They last for a long time so in that respect they’re saving us a lot of money because we’re not having to go and replace them all the time.”

John Vallance, Tangiteroria (New Zealand) - Softhands LX200

“Easy to handle and avoids holes in the baleage”

Don Bradley, Kokiri, West Coast (New Zealand) - Softhands CXR/LM100

“Just much easier to operate on big round or big square bales”

David Fagan, King Country (New Zealand) - Mega Softhands/LM200

“I’ve used many bale handlers both in Ireland and in New Zealand and this is by far the best I’ve used for loading and stacking because of the longer hand and the shape of the curve”

Contractor, Hawkes Bay (New Zealand) - CXR Softhands/LM100

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