It’s time to get your equipment at an unbeatable price

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It's time to get your equipment at an unbeatable price

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Why choose Hustler?

Hustler offers a wide range of round and/or square bale feeders designed for efficient distribution of feed indoors and outdoors. Versatile and reliable; They are mostly adaptable on 3-point hitch as well as on front loader or telescopic.

Most Hustler feeders can distribute on both sides, making life easier when your barn is made up of a face-to-face feed alley which only has one point of access.

Return your distribution:

  • Fast – Unwind your bales in two minutes
  • Easy – Distribute food from the cab of your Tractor: No more need for forklifting or back pain.
  • Efficient – By distributing the optimal amount of rations every day – Whether it be hay, wrapped, round or square bale straw or even silage (with the SL360X) – Your livestock can access the forage easily while it being untangled, making it palatable and reducing wastage.


Get your copy of over 30,000 hours of research into comparing every system for feeding bales to cattle.