Here at Hustler we have always been about innovation, making change part of our DNA. After 13 years of keeping things traditional, we decided to spice things up, while staying true to our good old core values. Are you ready for some Fresh thinking? See what our VP has to say

Our Colours

After researching, experimenting and testing over 15 combinations of colours for our machines in the field, our test farmers told us the Fresher MiNT green is the colour that will take Hustler to the next level and reposition it to find its own place in the market without being confused with other brands.

With its vibrant nature, the MiNT green makes our machines sharp, while keeping them durable in the field. This green couldn’t stand alone, and the pure white was the perfect complement which connecting with our values of purity and integrity of doing what’s right even when no one is looking and keeping our word.

It’s fair to say, the new Hustler look is fresh, vibrant and distinct a puts Hustler in a class of its own.

New Vs Old
Mounted bale unrollers

Our Models 

Due to feedback, it came to our attention that it was a necessity to simplify our model naming system. We took some cues from the industry and added some logic to our product models. We also rationalised our range to make it easier for you to choose the exact spec and features you want with your new Hustler. While the transition may be confusing, we know that this will be a long term win for everyone in the game. 

Armacote system

Hustler’s all-new coating system is a real game-changer. By using our new Armacote powder system, rather than wet spray, the new coating has an extremely durable long-lasting finish. The powder is oven-baked into the machines at 200°C after being sandblasted, giving your new Hustler a world-class finish making it withstand the test of time while reducing the wear and tear damages and increasing resale values.

Armacote powder Painting

New Products 

If nothing else excited you, we know that this will.

With the next generation of Hustler comes the next generation of innovation in the livestock feeding sector, so you can achieve more every day. 


Combi RX

Our new Combi RX range offers a break-through in manoeuvrability particularly in tight lanes or gates, a greater capacity optimisation, and daily start-up maintenance savings to the tune of 10 hours/month for the operator! Feed-control provides another dimension in ease of operation, a request farmers wanted. Combi RX is available for pre-order with deliveries starting in 2020 in a range of sizes from 11-26 cubic metre capacities. 


Feedlink is the world’s first app-based wireless scale system that offers proof-of-placement! It’s a real break-through in feed management and control, while it also happens to be the simplest scale system on the market. Feedlink also helps you know the exact location of where you’re feeding, and it gives you greater transparency over feeding efficiencies. It can also be retro-fitted to most other brands of wagons.


Feedlink scales