Turun Konekeskus Oy – Joensuu, Finland

Paukkajantie 3, 80130 Joensuu, Finland

About us

Turun Konekeskus Oy is a family company specializing in the importation and sale of farm machinery. The product range also includes domestic machinery, tools and spare parts. Turun Konekeskus Oy was founded in 1998, and since 2004, the group also includes the subsidiary Konefarmi Oy. Together these companies offer a wide selection of farm machinery for the needs of every farmer. Our business activity is based on customer orientation, good service and high-quality products. We meet the challenges of the developing agricultural sector by offering more versatile services and expanding our product range from year to year. Reliable delivery makes Turun Konekeskus a trustworthy partner.

Phone: +35 8503 015 907

Email: info@turunkonekeskus.fi

Product range

Bale Feeders

More farmers choose Hustler than any other brand of bale feeders, processor or unroller. Because...

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Bale Handlers

Whether handling round or square, small or big bales, Hustler bale handlers, with their patented...

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Feedout wagons

Proven in the field & around the world, Hustler’s Combi feedout wagons are designed for...

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Key Contacts


Mike Gibbs

Business Development – UK & Europe

Angus Hewetson

Global Business Development Manager

Arne Currie

Global Customer Care Manager

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What our clients have to say


“We feed out two bales daily and three shovels full of maize mornings and nights with the Hustler SL360X” “We chose the Hustler Bale feeder because the floor of the bale cradle is closed it allows us to feed maize a lot easier and with no wastage. We loved t

Marike Ostebuhr, Strackholt (Germany) - Unrolla SL360X/LX105
Masterrind 2

“This machine is perfect for us. It allows us to work in small, low stables”

Masterrind (Germany) – Unrolla SL360X/LX105

“I am very Satisfied with my Hustler”

Austrian Farmer, Fischbach (Austria) - Unrolla SL360X/LX105
Karl Schaberreiter portrait

“We save a lot of time with our Hustler SL360X Bale unroller. It’s not physically hard to operate the Hustler, old men like myself can work it.”

Karl Schaberreiter, Strallegg (Austria) - Unrolla SL360X/LX105
Foto für Sommersguter – Hustler

“The loose pattern of the feed out, has had a positive effect on breeding success and animal health.”

Rinderzucht Steiermark (Austria) - Unrolla SL360X/LX105

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