What our customers are saying

  • Murray & Astrid Ballantine of Southland, New Zealand are enjoying their Hustler SL350 Balefeeder which they have had for 7 odd years. The Ballantine’s consistently feed out a good 400 bales per year and in some years have put closer to 600 bales through the machine. It was of the first machines into Southland and Murray says that having the heaviest chain (12000lb) was the main reason he brought it. “We feed 95% balage and although we found the machine a bit aggressive on our soft centred bales, it was an excellent feature that the feed-bars were bolted through the chain so we simply replaced some with no teeth, it was that easy. It is an excellent machine – we love it, no wrapping, no issues, just keeps going.” “We get excellent feed-out lines, with the material being spread over a long distance which is ideal for us. I’ve also used it for taking hedge clippings to the burning pit – works well” says Murray. “Hustler made sure we were happy with it from day one.” The machine was supplied by Hustler’s Southland agent, Farmchief Machinery. Murray Ballantine, Southland, New Zealand - SL-350
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