The Toughest Tip Trailers Around.

New Zealand’s best farmers have been asking for a strong trailer, with a longer lasting steel deck, reinforced sides that handle a beating from rocks, and a twist resistant structure to prevent roll-over when tipping

We delivered all that in our 6, 8 & 12 ton models

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Hustler’s Tip Trailer:

  1. Toughest axle assembly with more oscillation than all other trailers.
  2. Safer design – Extensive use of RHS in both the chassis and body design, reduces chances of rollover from twisting, a common issue with light duty import trailers.
  3. More tipping power – we use 2x single stage cylinders (most models), because they provide more long term reliability, than multi stage rams and provide linear force rather than a diminishing force, ensuring you’ll always have enough grunt to tip off the load.
  4. Strongest tail-door on the market to eliminate damage or twisting from spreading shingle and the impact of rocky material.
  5. Tough reinforced, removable sides and headboard with spring steel support bolsters.

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