Agrar-Service GmbH – Switzerland

Gewerbeweg 4, 5242 Birr, Switzerland

About us

In 2007, we took the step into self-employment, the year of birth of our contracting company. With tractor and barrel, we carried the first cubic liquid manure on behalf of the customer. At the same time, we worked with great passion on our vision: The construction of a powerful pump for mobile hoses from a hole. The result of many hours of sweat and despair is our mobile pump, which not only pumps liquid manure but, after work, cools the hoses with water and blows them out with compressed air. Our patent for clean work!

After numerous unsatisfactory attempts to efficiently transport liquid manure with different barrels on the road over longer distances, in 2009 the change to the truck came. With the purchase of a tank truck built for the carriage of manure, we were able to banish the tractor to where it belongs; on the field!

In 2011 he moved to AS AGRAR-SERVICE GmbH. With the name change, we professionalized our appearance to the outside. What has remained is our core business: Transporting and spreading farmyard manure.

Phone: (+41) 79 641 2336



Product range

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Bale Handlers

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Feedout wagons

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Dealer key contacts

Peter Hazell

Field Consultant – Europe

As the face of Hustler in Europe, Peter looks after farmers and dealers in The Old Continent. Working out of his base in Switzerland, Peter uses his 35 years worth of experience to drive the Hustler brand to our European customers, by helping farmers achieve more every day in their livestock operations. His enthusiasm, local knowledge and friendly face make him the ‘go-to guy’ for our European customers.

+41 (56) 241 0037

Ryan Carroll

Aftersales Customer Care

Ryan has been on the team since 2008 and has come through the ranks as a production welding, factory foreman, production planning and procurement. It’s this invaluable, hands-on experience with the company and his people skills that enables Ryan to take good care of existing customers in a role of aftersales support helping you get the most value out of Hustler.

+64 (0) 220 835 233

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