Why Hustler?

Our focus on producing quality products and delivering unparalleled service to livestock farmers is unwavering. At Hustler, we use our years of experience and technical know-how to produce world-class livestock feeding equipment. Every single product we develop reflects an innate understanding of what livestock farmers require to help them to get the job done.

Helping Farmers Maximise Profits

By Reducing Feed Waste.

We’re a 3 generation family business manufacturing a unique bale feeding systems that are simple to operate, saving you time and save fuel, reducing maintenance, and virtually eliminating any feed wastage.

So You Can Effortlessly Make More Everyday.

Feed Out Finished By 1/2 Time

Hustler Feedout Wagons Get Feeding Done Quicker

Just need a simple but bulletproof Silage Wagon? Or a Feedout Wagon that reliably feeds anything you can load into it, without ever blocking? We’ve got your bottom-line covered, with South Africa’s most versatile feedout wagon range with capacities from 10m3 to 25m3.


Get Your Spraying Done.

On Time. Every Time.

We understand the frustration of hoping the contractor will turn up during that critical spraying window, because Forage & Fodder crops perform better when you get them sprayed on time, every time. That’s why we developed the Katipo range with more unique, practical, time saving features than any other sprayer.

So You can Yield Bigger Profits with Less Hassle.

Eliminate Bale Handling Damage

Hustler offers the widest range of bale handlers on the market, they’re designed precisely for each farmer’s bale choice, so you can eliminate the costly damage caused by bad bale handling. That’s just one reason why more farmers choose Hustler Softhands® than any other brand.

Kindest on your Bales. Biggest Value. Toughest Built.

Bale Feeders

Whatever bales you have a Hustler feeds them all, faster and more efficiently than any other brand, and we’ve built them so there’s less maintenance to slow you down.


If you are looking for the most versatile, reliable, efficient and quietest, single tractor bale feeding solution, then the Chainless Bale Feeder is the one for you

  • Maximise every Kg of DM – Unique 3 -1 Ratio teases bales apart making the feed more palatable for stock, reducing waste.
  • Bullet-proof – No high maintenance, noisy chains, or wearing parts to disrupt your feeding program.
  • Easy-to-use – You’ve got total control over the bale, feed row, and loading. So you’re in control of your feeding program.
  • Fast – No more waiting for tight bales to unwind. Job done.
  • Versatile – Feed more bale types than every other bale feeder – Whatever bale you have a Chainless will feed it out.


Mounted Bale Unrollers

Easier to use than any other type chain feeders on the market today. Being the most innovative, with 6 unique features you won’t find on any other bale feeder that makes it easier to use, more versatile, and saves your precious time.


If you’re looking for the simplest, and quickest single tractor round bale feeder, then Hustler’s Unrola Bale Feeders of chain type are the perfect solution.

Hustler build the toughest, most reliable and trusted chain feeders on the market.

  1. Tough – Toughest chains on the market and our feed-bars are 4-5 times stronger torsionally than the nearest competitor.
  2. Lower maintenance – You save both time and grease with our unique design that uses longer lasting bearings.
  3. Innovation – The unique, patented Snaplox auto connect/disconnect system eliminates smashed windows or strained backs from tugging on a rope.

Feedout Wagons

The Combi Feeder chain rear floor range is the most versatile feed out machine on the market. Feeding out literally every supplementary type of feed, including all bale types, shapes and sizes; With an in-built bale loading system.


When all you wanted is a reliable feeder that just feeds everything you can throw on it choose a Comby feeder.

  1.  Versatility – Feed all round or square bales, grass or maize silage, root-crops, vegetable waste or any other supplementary feed. And you can feed into troughs, feed-pads, bunks or open pasture.
  2. Visibility & Control – The unique design gives you the ability to see the entire load from the comfort of your seat and gives you control over the feed-row. Thick or thin? It’s your choice.
  3. Reliability – Well-proven design without troublesome conveyor belts and the unique design of the load dividing system reduces maintenance and extends the working life. So you spend less time in the workshop.
  4. Easy-to-use – Simple joystick control makes controlling the feeder easier, and the compact design packs the same capacity as a silage wagon into a smaller more compact feeder, which is easier to load and provides better manoeuvrability on feed pads and tight gateways.


When you just want a simple, reliable silage feeder that’s built like a tank, choose a Hustler silage wagon. They’re known as the toughest wagon on the market, the trusted choice by large corporates and farming syndicates. Built for largest of farmers who solely rely on silage as their supplementary feed.

Boom Sprayers

South Africa’s most innovative Boom sprayers. Built by Hustler. Proven by Farmers.


Compare features, nothing else compares. Compare prices, we’re right on the money!

If you want the easiest-to-operate, most accurate and reliable linkage boom sprayer, then nothing compares to the Katipo.  The most complete linkage sprayer range on the market loaded with all the unique features you’ve always wanted.

Available with tank sizes from 690 – 1150 litre capacity, and booms up to 12 metres.

Bale Handlers

Round or square, large or small – whatever your bale handling requirements, you’re in good hands with a Hustler. Because we offer the most complete range of wrapped bale handling attachments for your loader.


Nothing handles round bales better than Hustler’s Farmers Bale Handlers. We’ve worked with high-end contractors to perfect their hand shape and design to make them specifically for wrapped round bales. With an optional, patented floating equaliser these Softhands give you precise control, without disturbing the adjacent bales. The Farmers Bale Handlers are affordable for any farmer handling 50-1000 bales each year.


Tough! Built for the serious contractor or large scale farmer handling up to 100,000 bales each year, the versatile Contractors bale handlers can handle both round and squares thanks to the unique adjustable hand shape. Bigger and taller hands provide more grip, reducing damage when compared with smaller models. Field-tested for bales weighing up to two tonnes.

What our customers say

Chainless TE205

“Very happy with it. It’s basically a one-man operation and a very safe piece of equipment. We used to take 2 guys to go out and feed hay, and now we can do it with one employee or myself. And we use less feed, we don’t waste as much as we used to”

Mike Moretti, California – Chainless TE205 Bale Processor – USA

Combi CM136

“The feed out efficiency is greater than the mixer wagon we had prior. We brought the Hustler feedout wagon because of its simplicity  and the diversity of being able to go from pit silage to round silage which was a great asset“

Chatsworth house – Combi CM136 – Australia

Chainless LX105

“We buy and produce both round and square bales, so the Chainless LX105 Chainless balefeeder really suited our needs.  It allows us to feed both types of hay quickly and without wastage.”

Luke Carr, Comobella, Australia – Chainless LX105 Bale Feeder

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Have you recently purchased a Hustler product? All Hustler products worldwide carry a full 2-year warranty.

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100% Satisfaction Is Our Commitment To You

Money-Back Guarantee

We are so confident about the products that we guarantee 100% satisfaction – that’s our commitment to you, we will see you right, and if you’re not completely happy within 30 days, you can take up our money-back guarantee.

When customers buy a Hustler, they not only expect reliability, they expect the legendary Hustler product support that helps them to keep going when things get tough. That’s why all Hustler products carry a full 2-year warranty.

About Hustler

At Hustler, we combine a love for machines with creativity, an understanding of farming, and a passion for discovering better ways to do everyday tasks. We insist on understanding farmers’ needs better than anyone else, investing in our people to create an inspiring team that raises the bar in outstanding service to every single customer.

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