Terms and Conditions

Congratulations on the purchase of your new Hustler product. What a great choice!


I, the End User, hereby acknowledge:

  1. I have received and accepted delivery of the machine listed in the form.
  2. The dealer has supplied an Instruction Manual with the machine and discussed the sections on safety with me, shown me the warranty terms detailed in the Instruction Manual (which I acknowledge and accept), clarifying any points as necessary.
  3. I have been instructed and understand the application, limitations and capacities that the machine has been designed for.
  4. I am clear as to the principles of safe operation of this machine, understand my obligations under the governing authority of the location to which the machine is being operated and accept responsibility to ensure that any persons who operate this machine are properly instructed in these matters.
  5. In the event of regulatory authorities or Hustler requiring modifications to be made or adopted, we indemnify Hustler and the dealer from any liability or cost which may be involved.
  6. Should the ownership of this machine pass from me, I undertake to pass responsibility for the above matters on to the new owner.The team here at Hustler Equipment who’ve built your new machine would like to say thanks for choosing Hustler, it means a lot to us that you’ve trusted in our workmanship!

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