See how much a Hustler feeder will save you

Feed savings achieved, using Hustler’s feeding system are 40-60% compared to hay rings/ring feeders. We guarantee 40% savings*! The savings are achieved by a reducing the amount of bale which is wasted. 

Feed wastage is caused by various factors:

  1. Bale is not teased apart enough making it harder for stock to eat
  2. Animals laying or trampling on fodder
  3. Bales which are unfinished in a ring feeder because the ground conditions are too poor for animals to reach the rest
  4. Stock rejecting feed because of dirt, mud or other contaminants
  5. Savings can be made by feeding the right amount of the bale, and retaining the rest for the next feed
  6. Each bale can be feed equally to herds of 60+ cattle
  7. By feeding over a larger area than with a ring feeder, there is less competition between the animals
  8. High moisture bales can be fed and consumed within an hour eliminating spoiled fodder 
2 How many bales do you feed per season?
3 Cost of your bales Average cost is $70/bale
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