DynoGrab Bucket Grapples

Heavy duty loader mounted bucket grapple for scooping, handling and loading loose feeds, silage, soil, rock and more. 

LM180  |  LM240  |  LX200  |  LX240

Hustler’s range of Bucket Grapple’s help you to get the max from your operation. Reducing wastage and increasing efficiency is what we are about, to help you Achieve more Everyday! Already one of the most versatile attachments you’ll ever own, the DynoGrab range of Bucket Grapples have now taken a new meaning of Tough! DynoGrab allows you to preform all duties you’d normally use a bucket for, thanks to the wide grapple opening with the added benefit of being able to clamp your load. DynoGrab reduces spillage when handling maize, corn or other fine products for improved efficiency. The LM series for everyday farmers, and ultra heavy duty LX series has you covered for wheel loaders.

5 Reasons to Choose DynoGrab

1. Extremely Versatile

Handle anything from grains to logs, and everything in between. DynoGrab has the benefits of general purpose bucket, with the advantages of a grapple or silage grab. 

DynoGrab working bales
DynoGrab working dirt 2

2. Reduced spillage

Spilling is minimized to reduce waste when handling or loading fine products such as grains or corn. 

3. Tough design

From the reinforced and greaseable pivots and pins to the hardox cutting edge DynoGrab is built for the long-haul. 

DynoGrab working bales2
DynoGrab working logs3

4. Removable Sides

The removable sides make for even more versatility allowing the handling of items that are longer than the buckets such as pipes or posts

5. Unique clamp radius

Our unique clamping radius makes for a near perfect clamp curve keeping a very clean face on your silage pit. 


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Euro Hitch Brackets

Euro Hitch Brackets

Skidsteer Brackets - 3ptl

Skidsteer Brackets - 3ptl

Euro Hitch Brackets

Euro Hitch Brackets

Skidsteer Brackets - 3ptl

Skidsteer Brackets - 3ptl

Features & Benefits

Removable bucket sides

Toughest 6mm (0.236”) removable bucket sides which increases the versatility allowing you to handle posts, logs and other general farm duties helping you to achieve more everyday.

DynoGrab LX220 04 wshadows v2

Toughest cutting edge

110x16mm (4.33×0.62”) Hardox HB500 abrasion resistant cutting edge. Used in mining & earthmoving machinery, this gives the toughest cutting edge.

DynoGrab LX220 wshadows toughest cutting edge

Reinforced pivots & pins

Reinforced and greaseable pivots and pins. 

DynoGrab LX220 wshadows reinforced pivotspins

Side containment tines

Side containment tines come standard on the DynoGrab reducing spillage and minimize waste. Keep your pit face looking clean and decrease movements of loading created by spillage.

DynoGrab LX220 wshadows side containment tines

Efficient space utilization

Large capacity with a compact design for improved visibility and loading. 

DynoGrab LX220 02 wshadows v2 1

Hose Exit

Central hose exit to remove the risk of the hydraulic hose snagging.

DynoGrab LX220 10 wshadows v2

Hydraulic hose holders

Location of hydraulic rams means more efficient use of the stroke of the ram, as it is a more natural movement of the opening and closing of hand.

DynoGrab LX220 wshadows Hydrolic hose holders


Unit Weight 342 kg | 1,548lb
Dimensions (L x W x H) closed 2000mm x 1110mm deep x 1120mm high | 78.75" x 43.7" x 44.1"
Capacity 0.99m³ | 37.43ft³
Tines (top) 18mm | 0.7” tines
Tines (number) 8 forged tines
Clamp Twin ram clamp
Unit Weight 430 kg | 1,722lb
Dimensions (L x W x H) closed 2400mm x 1000mm x 845mm | 94.5” x 43.7” x 44.1”
Capacity 1.24m³ | 44.85ft³
Tines (top) 18mm | 0.7” tines
Tines (number) 10 forged tines
Clamp Twin ram clamp
Unit Weight 541kg | 1,192lb
Dimensions (L x W x H) closed 2000mm x 1150mm 940mm | 86.6” x 51.2” x 55.5”
Capacity 1.44m³ | 83ft³
Tines (top) 18mm | 0.7” tines
Tines (number) 10 forged tines
Clamp Twin ram, split clamp
Unit Weight 632 kg | 1,393lb
Dimensions (L x W x H) closed | 2400mm x 1150mm x 940mm | 102.36” x 51.2” x 55.5”
Capacity 1.73m³ | 98.2ft³
Tines (top) 18mm | 0.7” tines
Tines (number) 11 forged tines
Clamp Twin ram, split clamp

What are our customers saying?

“Everything we got from Hustler is well built and simple and we won’t have to replace it for a very long time”

Adam Atkinson, South Devon (United Kingdom) - Combi CM136

“Our drives to moving to this bit of kit was finding a safer alternative to the PTO straw chopper, and to get to one tractor operation for bedding up. The Hurricane stood up to the challenge and straw no longer gets trodden in as quickly”

Adam Atkinson, South Devon (United Kingdom) - Hurricane LX104

“I would recommend Hustler for anyone wanting reliability, ease of handling, saving time which saves money “

Brian Attwood, Ruatangata (New Zealand) - Chainless X2000/LM104

“Now, feeding can happen in 10 minutes.  Our waste is not even measurable at this point! One person can now do the job that used to take at least two people”. 

Brian O'Connor, Ohio (USA) - Chainless X2500/LX105

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