Chainless 2000

A self-loading 3-point-linkage mounted Chainless bale feeder suitable for feeding out all square bales, tight and loose round bales and it maximises feed use. Ideal for farms feeding 50-1000 bales each year.

What others are saying

“After having feeding out more than 23,000 bales, with minimal maintenance carried out over the last 13 years and with no major breakdowns, the decision was easy. We purchased our second Chainless 2000 without hesitation. The only problems we had with this machine were due to human error”

- Wagyu Beef farm, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand. Chainless 2000

“The Hustler bale feeder is reliable and easy to operate. It handles rounds and squares, runs 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, and has been operating since 2003. It feeds evenly, and maintenance is virtually nil because there are no chains and the bearings are all sealed.”

- Paul of Oaklane Stables, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand. Chainless 2000

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5 Key Benefits


SIMPLE AND SAFE DESIGN The innovative Chainless design eliminates feed chains, meaning fewer moving parts. The result is very low maintenance plus simple and safe operation.


ROUNDS AND SQUARES The true square and round balefeeder range found on the New Zealand market today, the Chainless range allows you to feed out virtually any bale you have on hand with ease.


THE FEED SAVE Our Chainless feeders use your feed efficiently; you can infinitely vary the amount of feed flowing over the side by adjusting the speed of either the feed rotors or the tractor speed. Thin for sheep, thick for your dairy heard – no problem with Chainless! Tight core, sloppy balage – no problem with Chainless! The infinitely adjustable bale chamber let you choose the bale pressure on demand from the cab


NO HASSLE ROTORS Designed to tease the bale out rather than simply unroll it, our rotors are self-cleaning, eliminating feed wrapping.


LONG LIFE FEEDBED Our polyethylene feedbed is slippery to reduce bale friction when feeding out and it’s also non-corroding, extremely tough and has been proven on 1000′s of farms worldwide.


Feeds almost any bale

Feeds out both rounds and squares easily - Doesn’t matter which way the bale goes on - Feeds balage, Hay, Straw, etc


Paddles on lower drum help when feeding out sloppy bales.


Top rotor turns 3 times faster than bottom rotor – excellent teasing action provides fluffed up windrow reducing wastage > No troublesome feed chains to jamb, stretch or break > Fully enclosed drive transmission protected from damage > Paddles for handling even the sloppiest of bales > Spiral timed teeth makes for smooth running


Rotor teeth release the feed off the taper at the correct point. They're also self cleaning so hay doesn't get jammed between the timed rotors

Low maintenance drive

Heavy duty hardened 1” drive pins > 400cc motor > Outboard bearing blocks are in a good position to keep clean and greased > Automatic drive chain tensioners mean no adjustment are necessary > self aligning bearings are free running and protected behind drive covers

Freeflow wiper

Prevents long chop bales from jamming > Requires less power to drive due to free flowing design > Adjustable to suit any preference of feeding and allow additional reach

Adjustable platform height

Infinitely variable bale pressure control from inside the cab allows you to feed out the tightest bale cores or the sloppiest of bales > Built in height guides for easy feeding > Safety latch so operators can’t drive out while platform is up > For different bale types blank bars or bars with more aggressive teeth are available

Bale security

The high rear bar means the bale cannot screw off the back on hills and is now stronger to handle heavier bales


Fully enclosed – no wastage of expensive feed > Polyethylene is impervious to UV, non corrosive, slipery to reduce drag and drive power, easily repairable and very shock resistant > Built in bale guides to keep bales tracking straight

Easy loading

Super low cradle is easy to load with 3PTL and means you don’t rely on a front end loader (FEL) > Right tyne is longer than the left so easy to reconnect to the cradle > Slotted top link hole so linkage can float when reconnecting > Cat 1 & cat 2 mounting points


Designed for minimal damage to wet ground


490kg is the lighter components allow a greater strength to weight ratio. This is achieved by using high grade steel (50% stronger than mild steel) and clever engineering > High hook position means the weight is distributed across 3 points and the strain comes off the ends of the tines


  • Bale sizes round: 4’ X 4’ – 6’ X 4’
  • Bale sizes square: all sizes up to 8’ long
  • Bale weight: up to 1000kg
  • Unit weight: 490kg
  • Hydraulics required: 2 X double-acting, 30-60 litres/min, 2250-3000 psi
  • Capacity: 1x Bale (round or Square)
  • Tynes: 2x High tensile
  • 3 ptl mount:  CAT 1 & CAT 2
  • Size (L x W x H): 2547 x 1885 x 970mm

Optional Extras


The stringbox is ideal to keep smelly baleage wrap, strings, netting, out of the cab and has plenty of room to store your knife


Hydraulic toplink

Make it easy with on-the-fly toplink adjustment from the comfort of the tractor seat


Extension kit

Extension kit for square bales over 6’6”


Touchfeed kit

Hydraulic touchfeed kit for tractors with only one set of double-acting remotes


Side chute

Designed to help when feeding out onto feedpads or troughs. Angle is fully adjustable.


Manual change over valve

Manual change over valve for tractors with only one set of double-acting remotes.



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