DuraShear Shear Grabs

For a precise, firm and clean cut surface. Prevent the development of yeast and mold in your silage and diminish the mess around your bunker.

LM160  |  LX205

Keeps your silage cut surface perfectly clean and tidy throughout the feeding season.

To achieve optimum feed quality, silage preservation is absolutely essential – this challenge starts at mowing/harvesting, but continues after the silage bunker has been opened, throughout the feeding season. The Hustler DuraShear provides a precise, firm and clean cut surface, preventing the development of yeast and mold in your silage.

4 Reasons to Choose DuraShear

1. Clean cut

With small amounts of silage taken each day from your silage pit, the anaerobic stability can be compromised. The Hustler DuraShear is designed to reduce the impact of the extraction process, leaving a smooth and firm cut surface that prevents aerobic degradation.

DuraShear 2
DuraShear 3

2. Durable

The powder-coated frame and brackets of the DuraShear are made from carbon steel to retain the value of your grab for many years. The clever placement of the rams ensures a low cutting pressure, increasing stability, and preventing constraints and twisting. Screwed-on high-quality forged tines and tool steel cutting teeth mean that you can easily replace any of these components quickly, making your DuraShear virtually everlasting.

3. Ease of use

The DuraShear offers a quick and easy cutting action. Thanks to its strong clamping power and low cutting pressure, most of the resistance is taken away resulting in an effortless and clean cut through the silage. The back grid provides excellent visibility of the load, providing extra comfort and preventing operator error.

DuraShear 1
DuraShear 4

4. Versatility

We offer two range sizes to suit your needs and your operation. Powder-coated bolted mounting brackets are available to adapt your DuraShear on front loaders and telehandlers. 

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Euro Hitch Front Loader Mounts

Euro Hitch Front Loader Mounts

Euro Hitch front loader mounts

Euro Hitch front loader mounts

Allows the machine to be connected to a tractor’s front loader.

Manitou Brackets - 3ptl

Manitou Brackets - 3ptl

JCB 530 Q-Fit Brackets

JCB 530 Q-Fit Brackets



Features & Benefits

tines 1

High-quality tines

Our forged CONUS II stepped tines are designed to reduce wear on the rear frame by distributing the stress points evenly. This optimises load distribution and reduces the risk of material loss.

Excellent visibility

The back grid located at the back has been cleverly placed to strengthen the frame without compromising the visibility of the load.

DuraShear LM160 10

Strong clamping

The hydraulic rams were carefully placed to provide maximum clamping power while avoiding significant constraints on the gear. This means you get equipment that is guaranteed to last a long time! The LX series models are equipped with triple rams that can handle the most compacted and hardest silage, ensuring a clean, straight and consistent cut along the length of the silage pit.

DuraShear LM160 04 1

Replaceable cutting teeth

The cutting teeth are made of tool steel (carbon/alloy steels), an ideal material for sharpness. However, replacing teeth after several years of use is possible and quick.

DuraShear LX205 08

Sides with cutting edge

For an absolutely perfect cut, the sides of the grabs are made of 8 mm-thin steel with a cutting edge.

DuraShear LX205 04

Greasable pins

Greasable pins protect the bushes from premature wear caused by dirt and grit ingress

pins 1

Wide opening

Thanks to the wide opening of the grab, you get an excellent cutting radius for a perfectly straight cut surface.

DuraShear LM160 07

4-year warranty

All our products are covered by a 4 year warranty for peace of mind – another proof of the durability of Hustler products!

DuraShear LM160 01


Application Silage handling
Capacity 504 kg
Width 1600 mm
Number of tines 12
Capacity 0.85 m³
Hydraulic required Approx. 40L/min
Application Silage handling
Unit Weight 666 kg
Dimensions 2050 mm
Number of tines 15
Capacity 1.06 m³
Hydraulic required Approx. 40L/min

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