How to use Feedlink

Published 15th March 2023

A concise overview of the Hustler Feedlink app, which you can use to measure and track your feedout routine in real time with just about any Hustler Combi multi-feed wagon or EzFeed silage wagon.


Introducing Feedlink. To pair, simply select your device on the weighing screen.

Continue to fill your Super or Mega Combi as usual.

On the main screen, pick your feed type or feedlot. Then tap Start. The weighing screen will show the balance to feed out for that feedlot or feed type. When you start feeding, the screen will show the weight fed out and the remaining weight to be fed.

Once you’ve finished feeding, tap the Save button. This will save the transaction and show the remaining weight in the Combi wagon. The transactions can be found under the data tab.