What are the wear parts on the Hustler trailed Chainless bale feeders?

Published 9th March 2023

Jordan Symington from Hustler Equipment North America explains what are the wear parts on a Hustler Chainless trailed (pull-type) bale feeder. Find out more about these models here.


Hey guys, Jordan here with Hustler Equipment, and today I just want to talk a little bit about the wear parts on the Chainless bale feeder range.

So we often get asked what parts wear out, and what parts am I going to have to replace in due time. So let’s take a look. So on the entire machine, there’s only about six, or maybe six or eight grease zerks.

And you can see here on each end of these rotors, we’ve got a greasable, self-aligning bearing, top and bottom, one for each rotor. And the same on the other side. And then on the rotors for the timing system, we’ve got a 15 tooth sprocket on the top, and we’ve used the 45 tooth sprocket on the bottom.

Now you’ve got a chain tensioner as well just to keep things nice and tight. And on the other side, you can see the same sprocket and chain system, and the drive system as well. So on the drive system, you can actually see where this T connects into these pins here, and powers the machine.

So in addition to the three-point linkage mounted versions, we have the trailed version here, and the only difference is just this rear-loading mechanism. So here you can see we’ve got about eight grease zerks on this whole rear-loading mechanism to for each end of the ramp a couple of these pivot points here. And then the other main thing is just as gas shock right here.

Once again, I’m Jordan with Hustler Equipment. I hope you guys find these videos helpful. And please, if you guys have a question, just ask, we’ll answer.