When it comes to operator safety and convenience, nothing beats the Applic8r boom sprayer from Hustler

Published 17th February 2022
New Zealand

“Perfect for what we need,” Laura Le Quesne said of their Hustler Applic8r LX1150 tractor-mounted boom sprayer. They run a sheep & beef farm in New Zealand and decided on a Hustler after having a pair of Softhands for a long time and never having a problem with them.

She likes the Applic8r’s manoeuvrability, simplicity and user-friendliness, but what she likes best is that it is much safer to use than a small trailed sprayer on a quad bike. It also saves her a lot of time and, as we all know, “time’s everything on a farm”, said Laura.

The farm is located in the King Country of the central North Island of New Zealand. It is on an alluvial plain set within rugged terrain on the upper reaches of the Whanganui River. Due to location, low altitude and geographical surroundings, the area is more liable to warm to hot summers than other central North Island centres and cold and frosty winters. Rainfall yearly is 1,449 mm (57.047244 in) while annual sunshine yearly is 1822 hrs. 

Laura farms sheep and beef on 250 acres, with about 800 ewes including replacements and 50 steers. 

About 10 years ago, Laura bought a set of Hustler Softhands bale handlers and “never had a problem with them,” she said. “So when the time come, we looked at a sprayer and didn’t stop anywhere else apart from Hustler.” The Hustler Applic8r LX1150 mounted sprayer has been purchased from their local Hustler accredited dealer Giltrap AgriZone in Otorohanga.


“Perfect for what we need”


Originally, all the spraying jobs on the farm were made with a little 400-litre sprayer towed around on the back of a quad, but “it wasn’t exactly ideal,” Laura conceded. She now enjoys not being exposed to the spray chemicals anymore.

While developing the new Applic8r sprayer range, Hustler took particular care of the health and safety features. 

  • Low Tank Profile

Hustler understood the dangers of climbing onto sprayers with chemicals or seeing inside the tank. So with careful tank/chassis integration, Hustler has kept it compact and ultra-low, in fact, the lowest in their class, so that you can easily operate the sprayer from on the ground.

  • Adjustable Valve Mount

Ideal for the manual control options makes the controls easier to reach, and when the sprayer is parked in the shed the valve can be adjusted out of harm’s way.

  • Tank Drain

A high flow tank dump operated from the top of the tank saves you from climbing underneath to empty the tank and reduces clean-up time and saves the operator from getting covered in chemicals during clean-up.

  • Handwash Tank

The sprayer embarks as standard a built-in 18-litre tank for clean water so that you can wash your hands once finished filling, making spraying with an Applic8r enjoyable.


“You can wash your hands if you have any kind of chemical spray or whatever just to keep yourself a little bit safer”


  • Large Lid with Spill Ring

The large 455 mm lid to the tank with a large sieve, has a built-in hinge so that you can’t lose the lid during transport and filling. Hustler has also added a spill ring around the lid to catch any accidental spillages to save them from getting on the operator.

  • ErgoMax™ Hopper

An optional 20L ErgoMax™ induction hopper and pre-mixing system allow the operator to pre-mix powders, chemicals, or fertilizer and fill from waist height for extra convenience and no chemical spills. Designed with a smart sluce feature and container rinse nozzle to simplify clean up and is fully sealed to prevent dust entering the hopper during transport and contaminating your spray.


“We’ve had no problems and everything so far is just going extremely well”


“Everything simple, user friendly. So which is perfect for us,” Laura said. 

“A joy with the new LX1150 is we’ve got so much more capacity to fill up the tank, and that, of course, saves as everyone knows a heck of a lot of time because times everything on the farm,” Laura concluded


All in all, the Hustler linkage boom sprayer range Applic8r – with the industry’s best warranty, unique best-in-class agitation and mixing, toughest design on the market, user-friendly low profile – is simply one of the best compact mounted boom sprayers on the market today.

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