University Solves Balage Utilization Challenge for their Cattle

Published 27th November 2018

Find out how crucial the SL700X bale feeder has been for Ralph Lyster over the past 4-years.  Feeding out 1000 round balage bales each season at the Murdoch University in Western Australia.

Ralph is rapt with his investment in the Hustler bale feeder, and how simple and reliable it has been to date


“The SL700X is a great asset to my operation”


Accurate Feed Control 

Being able to control the amount of hay or silage for each herd or paddock is very important for Ralph and has enabled him to substantially cut the amount of feed waste compared to the round bale rings they’d been using prior

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At Hustler, we believe in Rethinking the everyday, everyday and the SL700X bale feeder is no exception with many improvements to the design of this round bale feeder since it first rolled off the production line in 2012. The latest version claims to be stronger, more stable, more reliable than the previous versions and is just one of the reasons Hustler can stand behind it with a 4-year factory warranty.
  1. Stronger chassis design – The chassis has had a redesign to eliminate fatigue points and increase the strength and capacity of the loading system and rear axle
  2. Covered shafts We developed and proven new covers for the drive shafts to eliminate any chance of forage wrapping around them causing premature wear or jamming.
  3. Stronger loading system – We’ve increased the size of the loading system adding more strength and surface area to the tyne frame, boom and latch arm.

SL700X bale feeders, built in Hustler’s New Zealand based factory to the same unrelenting quality that is well proven and renowned, over the last 57 years. Take a look at what Ralph has to say about his:

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