Scottish Farmer chooses Hustler after trialing all the brands

Published 31st May 2018
United Kingdom

Recently we were favoured to meet up with a very well known, Pedigree Highland Cattle breeder, Jez Robinson located up in Scotland to find out why he chose the Hustler after demonstrating all the brands…

Running a pedigree breed of Highland Cattle you’ve got to be quite particular about the quality of the feed they’re being fed, hence the reason why Jez wanted to trial all the bale unrollers available in Scotland to see which would give him a clear advantage in his operation. 

Hustler SL360X up in Scotland-602540-edited


Tried of the cost of using Hay Rings

Jez used to use hay rings for feeding bales but found when feeding high-quality cattle, having them stand around in the mud while trying to feed wasn’t ideal and the cattle get filthy, it stresses them out and strips the hairs from the lower legs reducing value at prime stock sale time. Neither was he impressed with the ground damage feed rings caused to his fields. So Jez decided to go on a hunt for the best bale unroller around.

After trialling all the other brands, Jez visited his local Hustler Master dealer, Agricar to see the Hustler bale feeders and agreed to a demo of Hustler’s new SL360X bale unroller. Upon trialling the Hustler on his farm Jez was immediately impressed with how simpler and easier it was to use than the others he’d tried earlier, the SL360X never left the farm!


“It’s so much easier to use”


The all-new SL360X is easier to use than any other type bale feeder on the market today and is loaded with innovative features you won’t find on any other bale feeder that makes it easier to use, more versatile, and saves your precious time.

Side bars-607585-edited-658760-edited

Jez is feeding out on rolling, uneven country and some of his bales are misshapen due to being stacked on their rounds. So, he chose to add  Hustler’s new free-rolling sidebars to his machine. Which he found was essential when keeping misshapen bales in the chamber no matter how steep the fields are that he decides to feed out on. 

With neighbours having run the Hustler bale feeders for quite some time on their deer farms and having had an excellent run also helped to confirm Jez in his decision to go the Hustler way. 

Using his new Hustler bale feeder, ensures he is maximizing the nutrition uptake his cattle are receiving, reducing waste of high quality feed and eliminate spoilage by feeding only what is required each day and saving the rest for the next feeding.  

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