Reliability is Key for Canterbury Farmer Running 2 Hustler Feeders

Published 25th May 2018
New Zealand

Spring Dale Farming, is an 800 hectare intensive cropping farm on the Canterbury plains that runs dairy cows during the winter months. Watch the video to see why they now own two Chainess X5000 bale feeders. 



After shopping around and having looked at many makes 3 years ago, Bill Davey who runs Spring Dale farming, purchased his first Hustler Chainless X5000 round and square bale feeder because of it’s solid reputation. When the time came to add an additional bale feeder to his fleet, having had a flawless run, and the Hustler living up to its reputation, the decision was simple. Buy another.  


“We’ve had reliability from both our machines,

we’re very glad we chose Hustler” 


User friendly: 

They’ve found the Chainless X5000 to be a very user friendly bale feeder, being simple and straight forward to operate, easy to load, being able to switch between rounds or square easily and it doesn’t make a mess of the paddocks during the wetter periods of winter when it gets wet and muddy. 


Large platform: 

The larger platform on the X5000 allowing Bill to feed any type of bale easily be it short or long bales, medium squares or the larger 8 foot long square bales and even round bales should the need arise. And the slippery polyethylene platform with built in ribs gives easy access for cutting and removing strings prior to feed each bale ensuring his cattle don’t consume any baling twine or wrapping


“During the winter months these machines get a lot of hard

work, that machine is built to withstand those conditions” 


Even windrows: 

Bill is also impressed with the even flow of feed over the side of the Chainless bale feeders, and the windrow it leaves on the ground when feeding square bales is very tidy there’s no heaps or lumps and the cattle all have good access to the feed. 

Watch Bill’s Story: