Out There in Czech Republic, Hustler Bale Feeder Processes 6,000 Bales Each Year

Published 19th April 2018
Czech Republic

Farming 550 head of cattle in the Czech Republic, Martin Vleck turned to Hustler to simplify his feeding program and cut down the time his feeding regime took each day. He continued to discovered new benefits…

Martin Vlecks, runs a beef farm raising 160 calves from 170 heifers and fattening 250 bulls and heifers each year, in the Czech Republic a country that’s known for its ornate castles, native beers and long history. With the Czech Republic ranking as one of the most environmentally conscious countries in the world, it is only natural that it would be perfect for a Hustler!

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The Czech Republic has warm summers and cold, cloudy and snowy winters. The temperature difference between summer and winter is relatively high, due to the landlocked geographical position. 

Martins’ exquisite farm covers an area of 530ha, 160 ha of arable land and 370 ha of pastures and meadows. Being 580-700m above sea level, making it a cold, wet and a snowy winter during the winter feeding season, where life used to be a bit difficult in the wet conditions with frozen bales needing to be fed out to his cattle. On his farm each year they produce more than 5000 bales of silage and more than 1,000 bales of hay and straw. 

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Martin’s Feeding System

Having previously wintered all his cattle indoors, and his main source of feed being bales, Martin needed to cut down the time it took his TMR mixer wagon to chop up bales so he could get the job done faster.

Martin invested in the Hustler SL360X bale unroller for his front end loader so he could unroll the bales directly into the mixer wagon and weigh in the exact amount required for this ration. 

Martin Vlcek 4

Already I feel that my choice was right, says Martin “The main reason I invested in a Hustler SL360X was to save time in the preparation of the feed compared to our old way with a TMR and it really works”.

Subsequently, other possibilities of increasing our profitability and changing our everyday life on the farm with the use of our SL360X by using it to feed the bale directly to the cattle saving double handling, mixing and most importantly labour. 


 “I believe Hustler will be our help for a long time.”

 Martin Vlcek 3

Easy loading and upwrapping from the ground with the front euro hitch mounted SL360X


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