New Chainless X2000 Bale Feeders Drought Proof Dairy Farmer

Published 8th February 2018
New Zealand

Waikato dairy farmer is rapt to be one of the first to take delivery of the all-new Chainless X2000 ahead of the on-coming season to feed out round or square bales in his herd shelter…

With more than 17 years of DNA built into the all-new Chainless X2000 bale processors, feeding both of feeding round or square bales of any type has never been easier.

For Andre Wisse, he wanted a machine that could get the job done, handle any bale he may need to feed his dairy herd with, reach into the feed troughs in his barns and without breaking the bank. He chooses the all-new Chainless X2000, with optional side chute which gave him 52% more reach into troughs than the old design.

The Wisse family with their Chainless X2000, delivered by Greig Singer of GAZ Cambridge a Master Dealer


Why are farmers switching to Chainless feeders?

Whilst Hustler manufactures the world’s best chain type bale feeders by far. We’re seeing an increasing trend globally, where farmers are switching from the conventional cradle type chain bale unrollers to the Chainless system. This is partly due to the fact that they tease apart the bale much better-reducing waste, but we’ve also discovered these 3 common reasons:

1. Labour savings

Dairy farmers are sick and tired of waiting for tight bales to unroll in conventional cradle type bale unrollers. Farmers are wanting tighter heavier bales to save costs in handling, transport and making bales. That’s why we’re finding there’s an increasing trend toward the new Chainless X Series. When it comes to tight bales are feed out quickly and hassle-free and there no waiting or frustration.

2. Drought proof

During a drought, dry periods or when feed supplies are in short supply, square bales become more common because of the freight cost advantages they offer. Feeding square bales in conventional Chain type bales feeders is very difficult and waste a lot of feed. That’s why farmers are investing the versatility of the Chainless feeding system because no matter what bales are available they can reliably feed them out, and it gives them better buying power when having to buy in more bales.

3. Lowest ownership cost

With fewer moving parts, less greasing and less to go wrong with the Chainless design, combined with greater resale values, labour and feed savings returning to your bottom-line every time you need to feed out, Chainless bale feeders offer the lowest total cost of ownership.


Don’t need all the bell’s-n-whistles?

The Chainless X2000 is a lower cost 3 point linkage mounted self-loading round and square bale feeder. Designed for general feeding out in the field or indoors is capable of trough-feeding and is loaded with Hustler DNA, such as the 4-year warranty and rated for 1000kg (2200lb) bales.