New State-of-the-art Headquarters Started Construction

Published 26th September 2017
New Zealand

On September 26th, 2017 the fire alarm at Hustler was activated at 2PM for a regular fire-drill to comply with health and safety requirements. What the staff weren’t anticipating was… 

to be called across the road from the current Global Head Quarters for an announcement of the official start to the construction of a brand new, purpose built, state-of-the-art Global Headquarters, which will boost production capacity by more than double to handle the demand for the World’s Most Productive Livestock Feeding Systems

The directors up’d their skills by operating both a shovel and an excavator, turning the first dirt

2017-09-26 14.17.18-097164-edited.jpg

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Here are some artist impressions of the new facility

1724 Hustler Render View 1 v E -676503-edited.jpg

1724 Hustler Render View 4a night vE -745165-edited.jpg

1724 Hustler Render View 3 v E -798911-edited.jpg

1724 Hustler Render View 5 v E -846381-edited.jpg