Take control of your cropping programs like these farmers

Published 24th August 2017
Pasture and Soil

As spring rolls around in the Southern Hemisphere, one of the most important jobs in kicking your cropping program off to the best start is to take control of the spraying program… here are a few tips:

When establishing crops be it pasture, beet, maize or any fodder crop for that matter accurate timely spraying application makes the biggest impact on yields. Both when spraying out and prior to cultivation and planting and optimising the performance of your crop as it grows with fungicides, herbicides or insecticides is very important.

Crop Advice

Seeking the right advice from an experienced Agronomist is critical, along with  frequent crop inspections in order to catch any plant health problems early. It doesn’t have to cost a lot, when planning your crops and choosing chemical or seeing suppliers, most good suppliers offer this as a complementary service with choosing their product. So be sure to negotiate this when ordering.

Application timing

Weather can play a big part in dictating when you can spray to maximise the effectiveness of the product you need to apply in order to boost yields and ultimately your profits. As we see weather patterns becoming increasingly unstable this puts pressure on you and your crop spraying program, and when relying on a contractor for your spraying needs, your crops and profitability are the mercy of the contractor work load, and your value to their business.

That’s why we’re increasingly seeing a trend of farmers taking control of their cropping program, especially once crops are planted, and are investing in a boom sprayer to shorten response times and availability which results in bigger yields and more profit.

Farmers who’re taking control this season

Here are some farmers who’ve recently taken control of their own spraying needs, and invested in New Zealand’s easiest-to-use boom sprayers

Donald Johnston (left) of Five Forks, a Sheep & Beef farm near Oamaru, North Otago, takes delivery of his new Katipo 890 litre, 12 metre Ultraboom sprayer. Donald purchased his Hustler boom sprayer through Jason Birchall (right) sales consultant for D & E Oamaru, his local Accredited Hustler Dealer.

Donald can keep on top of his own spray program and make use of the often short window of spraying by having his own sprayer.

Bruce and Simon Web, from Marlborough recently took delivery of a Katipo 890 litre boom sprayer with Hustler’s proven 8 metre Duraboom, the toughest manual folding boom on the market with fully shielded nozzles to minimize downtime, and taperlock pivot pins that eliminate flogging out, increasing the working life. That’s why Katipo comes with a factory 4 year warranty! The Web’s purchased their sprayer through local Accredited Hustler Dealer TRS in Renwick.

Grant Murray (RH) of Waitahuna purchased Hustler’s Katipo sprayer with 1150 litre tank and 12 metre fully hydraulic boom and GPS guidance which he’ll also be using to cut his fertiliser bill by up to 25%. Shown here taking delivery from Barry Guthrie (LH) of Claas Harvest Centre Otago.


Michael Whittaker from Hawkes Bays’ Katipo 1150 litre Hustler sprayer with fully hydraulic folding 12 metre Sonic boom. This sprayer was fitted with an auto application rate controller, with self-contained GPS speed sensor which means the sprayer can be swapped from tractor to tractor without the need to set up a wheel sensor in each tractor it’s to be used on. This makes it quick and easy to swap between tractors.


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