Hustler SL360X Combined with Hay Hauler a Great Value 5 Bale Feeder

Published 14th July 2017
New Zealand

You have to acknowledge that most farmers have ingenuity in their blood. Take a look at how this farmer saves himself time when feeding bales, carting 5 bales per load…

With Hustler’s SL360X round bale unroller mounted to the loader and a Rata hay hauler on the back, Rob is pretty rapt with his setup and can take 5 bales per load and get his feeding out done in a fraction of the time. 


“Can’t beat not having to open that last gate”


The Package Deal Advantage

A 5 bale capacity package like this offers serious value for money, retailing for much less than half the cost of the nearest 4 bale feeder and even less than most trailing 2 bale feeders on the market today. Couple great value with an impressive manoeuvrability advantage that can’t be compared by any trailing setup, makes for a very attractive package. Send us a message here if you’d like to know more about this package deal.



The Front Mounted Advantage

Having the bale unroller on the front comes with many advantages, some of the key advantages are:

  1. No need to open gates – when you just need to give your cattle a little bit of feed, you can easily reach out over the fence, feed out as much or little as you like and move on, without needing to leave the cab twice to open and shut a gate
  2. Improved visibility with feeder out in front. No strained neck from turning around to watch the feeder windrow when feeding out or when loading a bale
  3. Split bales between hay rings – when using hay rings in a winter crop, you can split bales between multiple hay rings, limit feeding your cattle, and give more cattle access to the feed, saving you a minimum of 20% of the bale 

So what makes it possible to mount a bale unroller on the front loader? The award-winning Patented Snaplox self-loading system 


The Snaplox Advantage – (No rope)

The Snaplox system means there’s no need to tug on a rope, whilst juggling the crowd angle, and forward/reverser to disconnect the cradle from the spears. Snaplox allows the operator to disconnect the feeding cradle from the loading spears by placing the feeder on the ground, it’s seamless and fool-proof.

Hustler’s new SL360X round bale processor shown here and the Chainless X2500 Round & Square bale feeder are the only bale unrollers on the market with the Snaplox, rope-free advantage.


A package deal includes Hustler’s SL360X Round bale feeder or Chainless X2500 Round and Square bale feeder and a Rata Hay Hauler shown below:

Picture 034A Hay Hauler.jpg