Super Comby Replaces Conventional Silage Wagon

Published 23rd June 2017
New Zealand

Matamata based dairy farmer David Slater, fed up with trying to feed bales in his 9m3 conventional silage wagon, decided to take a demo with Hustler’s new Super Comby to see if it stacked up as good as it sounds… 

David’s Situation

Down on the farm David has square straw bales, soft fine-chopped round balage bales, and chopped maize silage to feed his cattle and although contrary to the beliefs of many that conventional silage wagons can handle these bales, David has persevered enough with trying to feed the bales out in his RF9 silage wagon. 


It was also discovered that David was applying minerals to the feed, which with his current silage wagon meant he’d have to climb up onto the feed out wagon to sprinkle the minerals through the feed when loading. Aside from this hassle and time it took to do this, it also posed an unwanted health and safety risk. 

David was faced with the decision to choose between 2 options:

1) Purchase a bale feeder to feed both round and square bales, and keep maintaining his aging silage wagon. And purchase an additional mineral spreader for the bale feeder.


2)  Trade-in the silage wagon for new Super Comby and only need to maintain one feedout machine, with no need to be swapping between feeders to meet the daily feed requirements


David liked the idea of less machinery on the farm, and chose to take a demo of the Comby feeder concept with his own feed bales and silage, to see if it could really handle all his feeds and be easy enough to use.

The Super Comby arrives on farm for the demonstration, with John Earnshaw from GAZ, the Local Accredited Hustler Dealer:



David loved the consistent feed pattern of his square straw bales, and his initial concerns about the width of the feeder were replaced with how manoeuvrable he found it to be compared to his old forage wagon. He also discovered how much easier it is to load with the lower sides and load dividing system and the impressive visibility of the load while feeding out.

The machine was spec’d with the patented Comby Spread, mineral spreader which allowed David to accurately and evenly spread minerals on the feed, saving him minerals and the hassle of climbing up into the wagon to sprinkle it around. 

He was so impressed with the performance and versatility of the Super Comby, that it never left the farm!

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