New Causmag Spreading Attachment for Chainless X5000

Published 23rd May 2017
New Zealand

Experienced farmers understand how costly it can be when cattle or sheep get grass tetany/grass staggers or winter tetany due to a lack of Magnesium. Demand for a solution has driven our development team to introduce our patented Comby Spread attachment on our most popular bale feeder

When Graham Russell, a livestock farmer from Australia, lost almost $50,000 worth of cattle to grass tetany he know he had to do something about it. Graham didn’t need a big silage wagon for feeding his cattle, so he got in touch with the experts at his local Hustler dealer On-Trac Ag in Bathurst to find a solution, with the help of Joshua Ditchfield and Hustler’s field consultants a solution was discovered and Hustler’s development team got to work. 


The patented Comby Spread attachment is a proven design, typically fitted to silage wagons or feedout wagons, is designed to accurately place a regulated amount of causmag, magnesium, lime flour or minerals directly on top or beside the windrow of feed. Being able to save a pass in the field is a real time saver.

With the new design, it can be a factory or dealer fitted option on the latest model Chainless X5000.

Comby spread  (5).jpg

Comby spread  (6).jpg

Graham’s machine is the first Chainless X5000 to be delivered with the Comby Spread Causmag applicator which will be utilised feeding his cows both balage or hay and Causmag in a single pass to help prevent grass tetany.

Graham is pleased with the delivery of his Chainless X5000 with Comby Spread from On-Trac Ag’s Joshua Ditchfield


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