How much power should it take to process a bale?

Published 8th May 2017

We were looking for a way to demonstrate the low power consumption of Hustler feeders and we stumbled across an 18 horse power tractor… watch the video to see what happens

Although we recommended using a minimum of 20 L/min of hydraulic flow, we decided to try this tractor which has less than 2 gallons per minute (6L/min) of hydraulic flow so decided to see how it went towing our popular Super Comby multi feeder and feeding a 5′ bale… 

What’s so good about lower power requirement?

Operated on smaller tractors:

Depending on your terrain Hustler feeders can be operated on smaller tractors which provides a number of benefits such as. 1. Reduced compaction. 2. If your main tractor breaks down a smaller yard tractor can be used to ensure your feeding program isn’t interrupted. 3. Manoeuvrability is improved with smaller equipment especially when navigating through those challenging gate ways. 

Fuel savings:

Operators are reporting a reduction in fuel consumption of over 50% when compared to their previous PTO powered feeders, this can amount to large savings each year.

Reduced maintenance: 

Equipment that require less power input, generally have fewer moving parts, and less load is induced into the moving parts, this reduces the amount of maintenance required and the cost of maintaining those moving parts. You’ll also notice that equipment requiring less drive power tease bales and silage apart as opposed to grinding or chopping, this eliminates the need to replace wearing parts substantially reducing maintenance costs. 

Take a look at the video to see how this tiny tractor got on with the Super Comby