Welcoming our new dealer in the UK, RVW Pugh

Published 3rd May 2017
United Kingdom

Welcome on-board, our UK Dealer RVW Pugh, to the global movement to more efficient cattle feeding systems. 


It is a known fact that every winter, a significant amount of hard earned cash is lost through inefficient stock feeding resulting in wastage of valuable fodder.

With a Hustler bale feeder, you have a machine which is easy to use, simple to maintain, will feed round or square bales and most importantly of all is proven to save up to 20% on your annual feed costs!

There are essentially two different feeding concepts; Firstly the chained machines, which are simple, rugged and effective, designed primarily for feeding round bales and the patented chainless models which are equally effective on round or square bales.

Hugely popular for feeding sheep, beef or dairy cattle or even horses, the Hustler bale feeders are at home feeding round or square bales of hay, straw, silage, or haylage, either indoors or outdoors. Whatever your bale feeding application, Hustler is the machine for you.

Key Hustler features:

  • Will feed round or square bales
  • Tractor mounted, trailed, or telehandler mounted
  • Simplistic design-easy to use
  • Uses only top quality componentry
  • Proven long service life
  • Rugged construction
  • Low Maintenance
  • Cost effective
  • Very low cost of ownership
  • Multiple patented design features
  • Save up to 20% on your feed bill!!

And much more…

NOW owners, farmers and operators in the United Kingdom have the chance to make their everyday balefeeding routines so much easier! It doesn’t have to be back-breaking work anymore because Hustler Equipment is within reach.

CH2000 - Square-1.jpg


RVW PUGH secures the Hustler bale feeding equipment dealership.

Established in 1978 by Robert and Caroline Pugh, RVW Pugh Ltd is a local, family run business based in Churchstoke, Powys, although it has expanded to two other depots – one in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire and the other in Market Drayton, Shropshire.

Their head office is located at Mellington, Churchstoke, Montgomery, Powys, SY15 6TQ and with other two branchs in the U.K.

You can visit their website to check out the Hustler Equipment in stock!


Interested in becoming a dealer?

Don’t take it from us… watch this short video from Eric Schnelle, the owner and president of S & H Farm Supply in Missouri, to see what he has to say about being a Hustler Accredited Dealer.