Norwegian Dealer Launches Hustler Bale Feeders at Demo Day

Published 5th April 2017

Breaking new territory, Hustler is pleased to appoint Bergan Maskinsalg AS, as an accredited dealer based in Norway and launched the range at a recent demonstration day. Read on to see all the action and videos…

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Feeding cattle the traditional way in Norway:

Typically feeding bales in Norway has been done by either a TMR Mixer wagon or with a bale splitter or grapple.

TMR Mixer wagon – The investment and running costs of TMR mixer wagon is often too high for smaller farms to justify utilising one, and the extra time it takes to get the cattle fed with a TMR often doesn’t fit the lifestyle and available labour. To date this has left small to mid-sized farms on only one other option. 

Grapple/Splitter & Bale pusher – Farmers would use a grapple or bale splitter to cut and shake apart the bale in the passage way, then change attachments for a bale pusher, to push the forage up against the feeding pens. Although a lot quicker that a TMR mixer wagon, this too is time consuming, but the biggest problem is the serious hard work for the farmer and the uneven distribution meant some cattle would have more feed than others. 

Introducing the Hustler Way: 

Bergan Maskinsalg AS saw the need for a simpler solution, and thanks to Hustler’s Rethinking of everyday farming tasks, we came to the rescue with the world’s most productive bale feeding solutions

The Bale Feeder – Hustler’s new SL360X bale feeder, thanks to its patented Snaplox connection system and loader compatible headstock fits onto Norwegian farmers’ existing pivot steer loaders, is self-loading, and unrolls silage, hay and straw bales into a tidy windrow on either side of the machine and provides the following benefits:

  • Farmers can feed their 4 bales per day in less than an hour
  • Farmers no longer need to swap attachments on the loader
  • Each cow gets an equal portion of feed
  • The optional front and rear fences allow farmers to feed food waste such as potato chips to their cattle
  • The loading spears can be used for general tasks on the farm when not using the feeder


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Bergan Maskinsalg AS, a Family business directed by Father & Son, based in Åshaugveien, Norway. Fredrik reports they’re very upbeat with having secured the agency and enthused by the amount of interest and demonstrations booked from the launch, despite the weather. 




The market has a combination of both round and square bales which also presented good interest in the Chainless 2000 bale feeders, especially for the square silage bales.  






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