Farmer Replaces Tub Grinder with Hustler bale feeder

Published 3rd March 2017
New Zealand

Large beef and dairy producers are turning to Hustler bale feeders, to take the place of the Tub Grinder and to save getting in the Custom Operator for grinding bales for their commodity piles. What they’ve found is… that the new SL360X costs less than one round of grinding hay, and offers huge versatility to their farming operation.




  1. Bales can be processed on demand, therefore the hay doesn’t deteriorate as much by the time it is being fed to their cattle and the nutritional value is retained. 
  2. It becomes very handy when just a bale or 2 needs to be fed out into the holding pens should bad weather catch you out.

hustler balefeeder finished product at a mark czeck demo in minnesota -833004-edited.jpg

For a Missouri based premium beef producer, who was sick of the cost and maintenance of his own Tub Grinder for grinding hay for his TMR he looked to Hustler for a solution, and after a successful demonstration, he settled on the Chainless X5000. Legacy Beef purchased one of our first pre-production Chainless X5000 bale feeders at the beginning of 2014, and we caught up with them to see what Mark had to say…

This is what Legacy Beef had to say: 

“The Chainless X5000 has performed well in our operation, as a bale unloader in our bunker silo where we load the hay directly into our feed trucks as well as unloading big bales directly into fence line bunks. It has replaced a large industrial tub grinder which was expensive to operate and maintain”